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The Impact of Modern Medicine on the Way People Live and Die

The reality of life and death has undergone significant change in just a few decades. The development of modern medicine and its application to disease diagnosis and treatment is the primary cause of the transformation. As a result of the advances, the majority of diseases and ailments now have effective treatments, leading to an increase in life expectancy. There are opportunities to delay death thanks to technology, such as when life support is used (Gawande, 2014). Death does not have to be a source of anguish and sorrow, even if there is no cure for a sickness. According to Saul (2011), even death has become more manageable and comfortable thanks to excellent end-of-life care. In most situations, death occurs less abruptly and unexpectedly these days, giving patients and their families more time to prepare.

The Four Major Causes of Death

Three categories of reasons for death have been established: natural causes, homicide, accidental death, and suicide. Natural causes include when the body ceases to function naturally or when there is an underlying issue, such as a sickness. Homicide refers to the cause of death that occurs as a result of planned murder. When someone steals the life of another, it happens. In addition to natural causes, suicide, and homicide, manslaughter is also a possible cause of accidental death. Suicide is the type of death where a person kills themselves out of psychological stress or for any other reason.

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