2-please answer based on these answers as they are listed, each one

   4-Clinical significance refers to that ability displayed by a treatment to enable a patient return to his or healthy state of body functioning. However, it differs from statistical significance in a sense that it is more objective i.e. it determines whether the prescribed treatment was able to achieve the intended purpose (Sedgwick, 2014). Statistical […]

Psychology-testing & assessment in the workplace

   I need about 150 words for each question. I want each question with its references, and please, no plagiarized work. MODULE 1 Topic 1: Analyzing and Interpreting Psychosocial Assessments DQ 1 One of the most important applications of I/O psychology is assessment in the workplace. Assessment includes applicant selection and employee evaluation. What factors […]

Priciples of finance class *investing in your future

  Finance is exciting! In this course, we learned how money can grow through the use of compounding and interest rates and your growth strategies may now be different. What are your new financial goals? Would you like to become more liquid, to save more for your retirement, or to start a new business? Whatever […]

Exhibits | Social Science homework help

Will present marketing data and value analyze of the marketing exhibits. In addition they will organize the exhibits (label, title, overview, body, notes, and source). Write a minimum of 2 pages for the exhibits portions for your marketing plan to address the situation in the case study. Which is the women that’s using the services […]

4-2 discussion: zopa and batna for alice jones

In this assignment, put yourself in the shoes of Alice Jones, the executive facing possible severance in our case study. Develop a ZOPA and BATNA position for Alice, based on your review of her biography and the background information in the case study (located in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document in the Assignment […]

Discussion board | Management homework help

Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following: Identify two challenges in making risk management decisions. How can health care leaders overcome risks? What steps would you take to overcome the two challenges you identified? Explain your answers.  Include an external resource to support your initial response to the discussion. Follow APA formatting to […]

Instructions | chemistry | Herzing University

ext message from Dr. Ima: Hello my favorite lab assistant! Meet me at the lab next week-I’ll have one of Dr. Spenser’s fantastic cupcakes waiting for you! When you walk into the lab, you find a note from Dr. Ima. Hello, I’m going to be running late to the lab today, so I am hopeful […]

Advance primary care iii | Nursing homework help

   In this assignment I need a peer response for the main discussion, that show below. The peer’s responses Discussion Grading Criteria: Agreeing and disagreeing do not mean just voicing one’s opinion. The focus of the discussions should remain on the ideas posed in the readings. Agreeing and disagreeing mean making scholarly arguments from the […]

“anti-discrimination in the workplace | Management homework help

  “Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace” Please respond to the following:Flora Tucker, a Hispanic female, applied for a sales position in Ames Department Stores in Seattle. After completing her application, she was asked to take a math test and a general aptitude test. As a result of her score, she was disqualified from consideration for the sales […]

Lab 1 assignment – soil morphology

 Soils Lab 1 on soil morphology includes a review of the five soil forming factors and how they influence soil texture, soil structrure, and soil color.  Assignment activities include conducting soil textural analysis by feel for two soils of your choice and questions from the lab material and lecture material from Soil Architechture and Physical […]

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