What is the Millennial Generation?


Having been born in the year 1989, I belong to the demographic cohort called the millennial generation. The group comprises people who were born in the 1980s and who have been highly characterized by the digital era. Another great aspect of the category is that they are very sensitive to the social phenomena facilitated by the modern technology. Individuals in this group also prefer working and living within the urban centers. However, it will be of great concern to understand what motivates this generation to work, keeping in mind that all age groups have defined attitudes and values.

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It is worth appreciated that motivating the working generation of the millennial requires more than liberal working policies. The workers derive motivation from modern technology, social circles, freedom and confidence, and mentorship. For example, the people will seek an employment opportunity that accords them trust and where they get creative freedom and flexibility (Thompson and Brodie 237). Under such suppleness and increased liberty, the group derives career satisfaction, the observed stimulus. Secondly, with the increased independence, the workers require periodic assessment and feedback that works to encourage them. Again, the employees seek inspiration from relationships at work as against the structures (Thompson and Brodie 237). Such personal relations provide the workers with opportunities for mentorship that equally harnesses their productivity and service delivery. Moreover, the group highly identifies with technology, and their drive to work is influenced by the adoption and use of tech in the place of work (Deal et al. 1). Accordingly, when the workers are accorded the opportunities to serve under minimal supervision and with increased interactions, then they feel motivated. In essence, the modern interactive technologies in the social media enable them to harness the common sphere by which they explore new ways of working.

Communication Strategies

Through the time, separating the operations of people from different generations of working together has proved challenging. Consequently, the HR and teams of management have had to embrace such tactics that facilitate the effective functioning through the generational diversity. Particularly, the Communication has been influenced where people of the different age groups work together (Strom and Paris 41). However, the management and HR staff could embrace various strategies in such circumstances. Firstly, when the leading teams understand that the older generations prefer phone calls and emails for communication and the younger groups are more used to social media and text messages, embracing a mixed approach strategy would be effective.

Accordingly, the mixed approach could utilize all the communication mechanisms and ensure that all parties are reached (Strom and Paris 41). Secondly, the younger generations have a tendency to utilize informal language and abbreviations that contribute to the breakdown of communication. However, to maintain a structured and harmonious environment, the lead teams would need to impose the formal communication as the most desirable way of interaction (Williams, Kemper, and Hummert 12). Nevertheless, the formal communication strategies would be limited to the particular groups of the older generations, while the most informal strategies are applied to younger cohorts. Finally, the mass communication could be positively utilized to reach out to all the generational diversity more accurately and effectively (Williams, Kemper, and Hummert 12). However, the strategy would require being more objective and direct to the message.


The discussion indicates that I belong to the millennial generation since I was born in 1989. Among other factors that motivate the generation to work is the incorporation of technology, increased freedom, reduced structural relations, and improving social relations in the place of work. On the other hand, to realize effectiveness in communication in an environment of many generations, the HR and management teams would need to embrace a mixed strategy. In essence, the diverse approach should utilize such models that are desirable for the young people and utilized by the elderly.

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