What is Labor-Sharing?

Labor is considered a good in some circumstances. Firstly, labor is regarded as a good when individuals can control how the production process occurs through their will and the decisions they make. For instance, people control labor when they work for themselves, including such tasks as repairing their cars and homes. Secondly, labor can be regarded as a good when a worker is able to control it through the application of scientific knowledge in its process and organization. Thirdly, labor is a good when complex tasks are shared among personnel to avoid the negative stigma attached to those who only tackle simple responsibilities. Therefore, labor is a good when workers can control it and are not subordinated by it.

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I agree that justice requires the sharing of simple labor. When individuals share uncomplicated tasks, the issues of negative stigma connected to job complexity are less likely to arise. In addition, a division of easy work also serves as a source of esteem and motivation that inspires one to perform difficult jobs later in the organization. Division of tasks encourages and helps the workers develop complex abilities when solving more complicated tasks.

I agree that justice requires sharing a complex Division of labor to improve employees’ self-esteem. Notably, when an individual can finish a part of a complex task, a greater sense of self-esteem is attached to it. In addition, sharing difficult tasks leads to socialization and creates social incidences where workers have a chance of contributing to complex tasks. Therefore, sharing complex labor enhances mastery of complex responsibilities, which inspires self-esteem and confidence.

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