What is an Engineering Order: A Case Study


Aviation maintenance is an essential practice that enhances passengers’ safety and the operability of an aircraft. Manufacturer and airline-generated certifications usually guide the exercise. An example of such a document is an Engineering Order (EO), which contains suggestions on ways in which repair and modification of various aeronautical parts should be done (“M3 Maintenance Management User Guide,” n.d.). Often, an EO is issued by manufacturers upon discovery of safety hazards or following the publication of airworthiness directives by air transport regulatory bodies. Besides being a critical document in aviation, an Engineering Order also affects other aspects of an airline, including labor hours, maintenance costs, and maintenance functions.

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Purpose of Engineering Order

Engineering Orders are often generated for specific aircraft, such as A318, A319, and A320. The selected EO is a request for component improvement of Rockwell Commander 114. The proposed change involves fixing of an indicator lamp (“Engineering Order Request,” n.d.). A maintenance order is aimed at enhancing aviation safety by “assisting the pilot to turn off the auxiliary electric fuel pump at the earliest possible time” (“Engineering Order Request,” n.d., p. 1). A notable feature of the order includes a specification of the applicable machine. The EO describes an essential improvement, especially for airlines that operate multiple aircraft.

Components of the Engineering Order

Manufacturers provide a detailed description of Engineering Order components to achieve the desired outcomes. The first element in the document is the title block, which contains the name of the design approval organization, operator, and order number. In the selected case scenario, J.W. Dinsdale is the owner of Rockwell Commander 114, VH-DDY, under serial number 14280 (“Engineering Order Request,” n.d.). The serial number makes it easy for production companies to trace operators. The identification is also useful to airlines since it facilitates the identification of aircraft that require specific repair and component improvement.

The second component is the planning information, which outlines proposed actions and objectives. Various options are available under this section, including repair and modification. The suggested activity in the selected Engineering Order request is based on the installation aspect. The manufacturer recommends fixing of panel indicator lamps to facilitate the operability of the auxiliary fuel pump and gear motor (“Engineering Order Request,” n.d.). The component of the EO is critical because it highlights specific maintenance that an operator ought to conduct. This section’s criticality necessitates precise language to facilitate an understanding of the required changes by aviation companies.

Accomplishment instructions constitute the third component of an Engineering Order. In this section, references to the proposed maintenance action are provided. One of the sources for the selected aircraft is POH, which recommends auxiliary fuel pump operation in Rockwell Commander 114 (“Engineering Order Request,” n.d.). Besides citing external technical publications, manufacturers may also outline the history of an aircraft that necessitates product improvement. According to Engineering Order Request (n.d.), the mechanical issues experienced in the gear hydraulic system have existed for approximately 25 years. Such information is vital for persuading an operator to plan for maintenance.

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An implementation component is also included in an Engineering Order. Information in this section comprises sketches on how to conduct the proposed task and the required equipment. Engineering Order Request (n.d.) recommends using push-to-test indicator lamps of a specific assembly type. Manufacturers may also suggest places where airlines can purchase installation parts. The component must be included in every EO to enlighten aircraft operators about the maintenance process.

Effects of the Engineering Order on Cost, Labor Hours, and Maintenance Functions

 The Engineering Order discussed above may increase labor hours, maintenance costs, and maintenance functions for the selected aircraft. The Airlines that use Rockwell Commander 114 would incur Engineering Order Labor (EOL) and Engineering Order Material (EOM) expenses. Notably, the EOL and EOM may be higher due to an extended operational life of an aircraft (Saltoglu, Humaira, & Inalhan, 2016). The expenditure may also escalate if the operator chooses to outsource technicians. Issuance of the document would also intensify maintenance functions for airlines that use the identified aircraft. Apart from conducting routine maintenance, aviation companies must also plan for the above activity to maintain airworthiness. On the other hand, labor hours would increase upon completion of the proposed installation. Therefore, indicator lamps would prevent failure of the hydraulic motor, thus increasing flight hours and reducing downtime costs.

The selected document is effective in airline companies that operate Rockwell Commander 114. Various components of the Engineering Order are systematically highlighted in the certification, making it easy for aircraft operators to identify each requirement of the proposed action. Planning information provided in the order is also sufficient. For instance, aircraft owners are informed about special equipment needed to complete the installation of the panel indicator lamps. Besides, the referenced material proves the essentiality of the proposed action. With such information, the management of airlines would be convinced about the need to install such aeronautical components.


As the discussion shows, Engineering Orders serve essential functions in aviation. They comprise suggestions for product repair, improvement, and modification. The documents contain several components which give detailed information on the proposed maintenance. Engineering Orders may increase labor costs and hours and maintenance functions, as well as reduce overhead expenses in aviation companies. Therefore, airlines should adhere to EO to maintain airworthiness.



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