What Can You Tell Me about Yourself

What Can You Tell Me about Yourself


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The responsibility of a college admission counselor entails establishing the suitability of an applicant to be enrolled in a given faculty. It is worth appreciating that the exercise is imperative because it enables the school to admit the best candidates in the different areas of study. However, deriving the information regarding a student has never been an easy task. Most importantly, the admission counselor reviews the student’s application letter and the resume to identify the outstanding information about the student. Nevertheless, the information in the resume and the introductory letter often becomes little and in summarized form. Therefore, for the analyst to establish more personalized information, the recruiter should go further in probing the student to present more information through an essay question.

The Question about Yourself

Accordingly, the question posed for the essay should make the difference; hence, the need to be strategic while developing the question. Subjectively, if I was an admission counselor to a college, I could pose a relatively open-ended question to the student. Considering that much of the personal information can be found in the CV and introductory letter, my intention would be to get other relevant information that could not be found in the CV. Thus, I should present  the following question. “What can you tell me about yourself as is not found in your application?”

What the Question Reveals about Me

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When such a question is submitted to an applicant, it communicates more about the admittance officer. First, the question shows how curious the official is on understanding the applicant. In fact, the representative appreciates that the information presented in the application and the resume is often in the condensed form. Moreover, he can be registering his dissatisfaction with the traits enumerated in the application and hence the intention to establish more about the applicant. However, the question could be often explained by the commitment of the admitting person to deliver to the expectations of the institution to enroll the most suited applicants. As such, when I pose the question to an applicant, besides being interested in the response, I could be communicating much about myself. For instance, the question appreciates that I have read and understood well the content of the application and the resume presented. Secondly, the question also indicates that I am patient with the applicant to reveal as much information as possible. On the other hand, the essay inquiry posed can communicate my attitude towards the student in creating a favorable environment for the student to open up and disclose more information to me. Without such a query, the student might feel that I am unapproachable, hence develop fear towards me. Therefore, I would like to establish a free environment for the student to interact with me. In essence also consider asking that specific question so that I get the student’s finest details that would assist me to advise the admission office accordingly.


Evidently, by being keen to detail, it means that I am responsible and accountable to the college and admission panel.. In fact, I should also be sensitive to maintain my relation and reputation among the students enrolled, having in mind that through the questioning process, I could easily hurt the respondent’s emotions.. In essence, by asking the open and general issue as indicated, I would be registering my willingness to assist the student and the college professionally and ethically. Finally, I must also be  well versed with the application’s content as well as the curriculum vitae presented.

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