The Involvement of Non-governmental Organizations in Politics

Question 2

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Over the past three decades, I have become active in matters that pertain to world politics. Friends of the Earth and Oxfam America are examples of non-governmental organizations that are interested in American foreign policy. Therefore, nongovernmental organizations should be given a more active role in foreign policy. Indeed, this will enable them to influence the state foreign policy significantly by airing the disadvantaged’s voice and giving recommendations. When given a more active role, non-governmental organizations can help reform and restructure the United States foreign aid plan. A perfect example of how non-governmental organizations have influenced US foreign policy is when Bill and Melinda Foundation strongly urged the American administration to issue more foreign assistance to promote financial development in the poorest nations worldwide, despite the financial crisis in the U.S.

Question 3

The research organizations that I appreciate the most are those that carry the investigation on medical and health. In my opinion, I believe that American Foreign Policy should pay more attention to the findings of medical and health research. My opinion is based on the contributions that medical research organizations offer to the wellness and health of society as a whole. If these research organizations are well funded, they can have significant value to worldwide societies. First and foremost, medical research organizations help governments, physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel to recognize the trends of diseases, their risk factors, and the manner in which the diseases can be treated. They also increase awareness of interventions and the way people suffering from various illnesses should receive the care. In addition, they provide a rough idea of the cost of healthcare. Indeed, the findings of medical and health research organizations have led to important discoveries and have enhanced the development of new therapeutic measures, which are factors that have improved the care and treatments given to patients.

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