The Importance of Understanding Cross-Cultural Business Management


The importance of understanding cross-cultural business management in this era of globalization is vital (Martens & Zywietz, n.d). This paper discusses Giphtie Kisseih’s article on the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. I concur with Kisseih that globalization facilitates increased interaction among people from different nations and provides ways that enable individuals to deal with cultural differences. For global businesses to succeed, managers have to make an effort to integrate and evolve both new and various cultures.

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Globalization and Culture

Globalization improves the success of a business. The success of a global manager, according to Bird & Fang (n.d) corresponds to his/her ability to operate in a multinational environment and the ability to promote cross-cultural aspects in the organization. A manager who understands the impact of culture on business would steer the business to success. Chevrier also challenges the notion that culture has lost relevance at the national level due to globalization by affirming that culture can be seen as a set of practices that managers can use to improve their performance in global economies and engage effectively with other cultures (Chevrier, n.d).

The idea of convergence is also important as it fosters cross-cultural understanding, which businesses can gain from a business practice peculiar to a particular culture (Sanchez et al., 2009). As Chevrier explains, businesses can explore and apply in their management a subset of national culture that is political in nature. Therefore, this would be used in finding the agreements of the fundamentals of working together. A question to Kisseih in his essay would be, “How can we limit the negative effects of globalization? If this question is answered, the challenges that come with globalization will be minimized, and a complete benefit of globalization will be realized in the business world.



Bird, A., & Fang, T. (n.d.). Editorial: Cross Cultural Management In The Age Of Globalization. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 139-143.

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Chevrier, S. (n.d.). Cross-cultural Management In Multinational Project Groups. Journal of World Business, 141-149.

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