The Impact of Technological Advancement on Modern Lifestyle: A Reflection Essay

Technological advancement is a significant trend in the modern world. Innovations have been incorporated into all spheres of contemporary life, including home and work. Through the Information Management & Analysis course, I have taken a reflection on various changes that have happened in people’s lives. Technology has influenced business operations, organizational structures, and how people communicate and interact in different work and social contexts. The novelty of instant communication and regular online interactions may not have much impact on older generations, but they play a central role in the lives of younger Americans. After completing the course, I realize that some youths have never experienced a technology-free reality. As a result, they have become completely attached to various information systems, including social media. Looking around, I realize that while technology is indispensable both at home and at work and has eliminated many barriers to communication, it has also resulted in people’s overreliance on their gadgets and social networks.

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The course introduces the aspect of a tech-dependent lifestyle, which is common among the new generation of Americans. The change is inevitable and irreversible, implying that people rely on technology in almost all daily activities, especially Internet-connected devices. Before taking the course, I did not realize the importance of these gadgets in basic tasks such as raising children. Parents depend on the Internet to access relevant information about their role. For example, mothers can learn about their children’s various milestones to understand challenges and ways to overcome them. People consult the Internet for information on performing multiple tasks, including cooking, baking, and even fixing home appliances. Websites and online applications have become the main source of information on home activities and chores.

The proliferation of technology and information systems has completely changed the contemporary workplace. After enrolling in the course, I spent more time reflecting on these transformations. The current workplace would be unrecognizable to older people because of its increasing reliance on information and communication systems. Probably, today’s employees would not work without video conferencing, emails, smartphones and tablets, laptops, and other recent innovations. Information and communications technologies are indispensable in the current economic setup. In fact, their inventors spent resources and time trying to design new or improve the existing systems to enhance work and make life easier for their users. The trend will continue to grow in the future as technology experts perform research on new developments and innovative ways of improving the workplace.

Technology has completely changed the way people communicate. Through my studies, I have realized that the constant social media presence has become a social norm. Teenagers and young adults maintain a robust online presence on various social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Social networking sites have become the most important sources of information and communication tools for the current generation. In addition, these technological advancements have created possibilities for businesses and personal lives, making the world a global village. For example, marketers use social media to promote their products, connect with customers, and sell goods. At a personal level, people interact with geographically dispersed friends and relatives as if they were in the same room. Thus, social media has removed time and geographical space barriers for users.

While technology has had many positive effects, it has also resulted in various adverse impacts, such as people’s overreliance on their Internet-connected devices. Throughout the course, I have spent time reflecting on the nature of dependence on technological tools. Consequently, I realize that one hour barely passes before I check my Smartphone. Many people have the same habit. The reality is reflected in simple actions such as checking the time or pausing to respond to a text message or answer a call. Interestingly, sometimes one can wake up in the middle of the night to scroll social media newsfeeds or text someone. Therefore, although technology promotes interactions, it can be addictive. This type of addiction is especially common among younger people, who use social media extensively. The overdependence on technology affects other areas of a person’s life, including direct communications, since online interactions can isolate them. Many individuals spend most of their time on media, neglecting education, work, and real-world relationships.

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The course has provided valuable insights into the impact of technology on various aspects of life at work and at home. I have reflected on the effects of innovative applications at a personal level and realized that they have completely changed my life. I represent the modern user who depends on technology for virtually every activity at school, home, and work. The contemporary generation has not lived in a world without technology and might not know how to exist in such an environment. As a result, technology also has adverse effects on their lives. The trend is irreversible as the world continues to witness an increase in innovations that will further transform how people communicate and interact with others in various settings.

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