The Episode of Care 1: A Self-Reflection

Within your reflection, describe the episode of care and how you assessed, planned, delivered, and evaluated person-centered care

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The episode of care involves my experience working at the wound care clinic. I had the chance to provide patient-centered care to Mrs. W, who visited the outpatient clinic. She was hospitalized for eight weeks after suffering pneumonia and seizure. Although she had improved significantly to guarantee a discharge from the hospital, she had a big wound on her forehand due to a long-term cannula. Under my mentor’s direction and supervision, I had a chance to apply my wound care and dressing skills. While the episode allowed me to practice my lessons in the procedure before and after wound care and dressing, I successfully cleaned and dressed the wound with great caution; hence, the patient was quite satisfied with my care.

What did you do well?

I liked how the patient was satisfied with my care. I could tell she was contented because she was at ease and happy when I completed the process. I was encouraged by Karaca and Durna’s view that the patient’s satisfaction with the care provided should be a priority (535). One of the things that must have made the patient happy is my attention to detail. My preparation before the procedure, such as hand hygiene and preparing everything I needed, must have given the patient the confidence that I had the required expertise. She also felt that she was in safe hands, although I was a nurse student. I believe that my interaction with the patient was very successful.

What would you have done differently?

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After reflecting on the care episode, I realized one important thing that I did not do to make the patient more comfortable. When approaching the patient, I assumed that the only information I needed to provide was a student nurse’s position at the hospital. However, I needed to gain more trust with the client by creating a more excellent rapport. According to Norcross and Wampold, the therapeutic relationship with the patient is a critical step in providing patient-centered care (1889). I should have taken time to explain to the patient my reason for being in her room, although it seemed apparent that I was there to dress her wound. Taking time to explain my intention and what I would do would have made the patient more confident in my competence.

Describe how you have begun to work more independently in the provision of care and the decision-making process

The episode was an opportunity to work independently and make critical decisions regarding patient care. My mentor provided minimal supervision in this case while I completed most of the work independently. For example, I decided to proceed with the ANTT (Aseptic Non-Touching Technique) without consultation, just like my mentor had taught me when I began the course. I also decided to draw the curtain to ensure the patient privacy and protect her dignity. Generally, I made most of the decisions in the episode independently and was confident that I had gained the necessary skills to continue working on my own. 

What learning from this episode of care could be transferred to other areas of practice?

I have taken every opportunity to learn and become a better nurse. One of the lessons I will apply to my future practice includes creating a rapport with the client. It is necessary to gain the trust of the patient when offering patient-centered care. For example, I will always explain my intentions when caring for a patient. Another important lesson that will help in the future is the need to be cautious and follow all patient care guidelines from the first contact with the patient. 


Works Cited

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