The Concepts of White Collar Crime and Elite Deviance

Varied illustrations can explain circumstances leading to white collar crime. Scholars in criminology and financial fields provide complex viewpoints regarding the evolving concept of white collar crime at the workplace. Ball characterizes activities classified under which white collar crime can be defined (24). Friedrichs assertions (5) concurs with argument made by Ball (24) and  Gîrla and Jacob (154) that white collar crime transpires in legal occupational frameworks and motivated either by work-related success or enhanced economic gain. However, he further explains that white collar crime is not characteristically influenced by premeditated or direct violence such are office based sexual abuse or assaults (5). Althoughcriminal activities are perpetuated by people the workplace, white collar crime has increased potential to destroy organizations and States to an economic meltdown.

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People of high social status commit criminal activities while discharging their duties. Gîrla and Jacob aver that elite deviance refers to criminal activities committed by corporates, powerful military,or influential political leaders (159). Ball agrees that activities occasioned by elites lead to financial, physical, and moral harm to the citizenship (). Accordingly, the activities may denybasic human rights such as access to health care amenities. They also limit government control of basic infrastructure and occasion economic domination (Ball 27). When elites engage in actions such as health care fraud, antitrust violations, and price fixing aimed at benefiting a few in the society, it result to suffering and abject poverty to the underprivileged citizens. Therefore, such crimes should be prosecuted and perpetrators fined to compensate damages incurred to citizens. All crime propagated at the workplace have repercussion either to the organization, or to a state. However, according to Friedrichs, elite deviance extensively damages a nation’s economy compared to white-collar crimes committed by employers or employees, but limited to occupational success at the workplace (5). The contrast between scholars of criminology and finance while clarifying variations between white collar crime and elite deviance stress about the social status of aperpetrator and the extent of damage intended or caused. However, various scholarly works reveal consensus that both crimes are linked to the occupational environment of perpetrators (Ball 25). Elite deviance is characterized by a wider spectrum of damages to a country’s economy compared to.

Several benefits and drawbacks are witnessed through a typological approach to defining and discussing perspectives of white collar crime. Whereas the impact of crime cannot be overlooked due to the objective of the perpetrators, it is significant that the potential harm is brought into perspectives before its classification (Gîrla and Jacob 158). The attitude towards white collar crime significantly qualifies it as an unethical action other than a prosecutable activity. For instance, soliciting sexual favors for work promotions may not be comparable to significant tax evasion by corporates or embezzlement of resources meant to support veteran soldiers. From a sociological viewpoint, attitudes of crime qualify them as either unethical or criminal that should be arraigned in courts (Ball 24). Therefore, classifying crime helps in understanding objectives and behavioral perspectives of offenders and can guide to a possible resolution.

White collar crime and elite deviance are social abuses in organizations or countries from occupational destinations of the doers. They have diverse impacts on the organization or  nations they are administered. It is significant that proper processing of such crime is done and perpetrators appropriately punished to limit such preoccupation in future. Limiting the occurrence of both white collar and elite deviance will enhance proper functioning of organizations and nations across the world.  


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