The advancement of the Internet and Electronic Gadgets

The advancement of the internet has brought many developments, including the use of the web and emails. The internet has become a significant mode of communication, where both the companies and the individuals have adopted this method of communication for personal and business purposes. The Internet is a powerful tool that is being used to connect people all over the world by using the web as the platform.

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There are various devices which can be used to access the internet depending on where you are and what you want to do. These gadgets include, Desktop PC, Laptop, Mobile/Smartphone, Tablet, and iPads. Desktops are most suitable for homes or offices due to their immobility, while Laptops are used in internet café since they are portable and can access both wireless and cable internet. The Mobile, Tablets, and iPads are reliable while travelling due to their size and weight, which makes them portable.

 The World Wide Web is vital in today’s life. It has significantly improved my day-to-day activities. It has greatly assisted me in my education because it has been a reliable platform for research and source of credible information. The web has also played a major role in online shopping and payment of goods and services; for instance, I have been using the Amazon and Ebay to facilitate my shopping. People around the world can connect and communicate over the web, particularly through emails and the social media. In business, the Web is a valuable tool and can be used for marketing, therefore, creating room for more sales. Through the web, sharing of information has become convenient because the web has become more accessible and reliable.

Social media is one of the fastest growing modes of communication and young people mostly use it to communicate and to connect with each other. On the other hand, social media is used in business for marketing and promotion of goods and services. In essence, the social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have made it possible for me to connect with my friends and family, as well as with the corporate world. It has made communication efficient and reliable since you can talk with someone regardless of where they are in the world (Noor and John 43).

The safety of my computer is paramount given that there are very many threats on the internet. Therefore, I have installed an antivirus and a firewall to ensure that my computer is not exposed to any virus or malware. The firewall protects my computer from unauthorized access, a situation that keeps my information safe.

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 There are two types of emails, the web mail, and the email client. Both use the internet to send, receive, and read emails. The web based emails are stored on the email server, such as Google and Yahoo servers. The web mails are usually sent through the web interface or a browser. They are provided with the Internet Service Provider’s account and they require an internet connection for their operations.

On the other hand, the Email client is simply software installed on the computer for reading and sending emails; for instance, the Outlook and Thunderbird. In this platform, the emails are stored on the client’s computer; therefore, making it easy to access them than the web based email. In fact, the email client enables one to read the received emails without necessarily having to connect to the internet as opposed to the web emails. In fact, while using a mail client, one can compose an email while offline and send the email once the computer is connected to the internet.


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Noor, Al-Deen H. S, and John A. Hendricks. Social Media: Usage and Impact. Lanham, Md: Lexington Books, 2012. Print.

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