Test-Driven Development

What is Test-Driven Development?

The test-driven development is a software development technique where tests are written prior to the production code. In the implementation stage, tests are carried out, and when one test is passed, its code is edited to improve its structure. There are six main stages involved in this development model.

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Write Test

Tests are similar to unit tests except that they are not written for methods, but for behavior. Indeed, it is also crucial that tests relay the same result despite the order in which they are run. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the feature requirements you are trying to implement.

Run Test

Tests are meant to fail, and this step verifies what happens if a test passes, it is considered worthless. A fail in the test increases confidence that what is being tested is what that should be tested, although it does not completely guarantee that it is the right thing.

Write Code

This step involves a process of writing the code intended to make it pass the test. In fact, the step is accomplished using either of the fake it, triangulation, or obvious implementation techniques.

Run to Verify

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The written code is run to ensure it passes the test within the intended time.


This is the process of improving the internal design of the code by editing the working code, but without altering the external behavior. This is important because, over time, the principle design of the software is distributed due to enhancements and modifications.


All the above steps are repeated, beginning with a new test to improve the software’s functionality.

Importance of the Article

The article is of great fundamental because it explains the importance of studying the test-driven development model in a conclusive approach. In addition, the topic unveils the software development process in areas such as the requirements definition, writing well-designed error-free code, and a simple development process since the developer is only concerned with making the next test pass. It also gives the developer a better understanding of the required software behavior.

Link: http://www.ijsce.org/attachments/File/v3i1/A1351033113.pdf


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