Swine Flu

Swine flu is a respiratory infection caused by a virus. The disease is common amongst animals. In fact, both humans and the animals exhibit similar symptoms when infected. The virus that affects the pigs is likely to impinge on humans and manifest itself into something new (WHO, 2010). The new manifestation of the virus in humans led to a case of swine flu, H1N1 in Mexico in 2009.

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Swine flu posed a real threat to the health of people globally since the disease was airborne. Therefore, it indicates that if there were no deliberate controls of the disease, more people would have been infected with the virus while those infected would have lost their lives (CDC, 2010). The already infected population was already a threat since if left untreated they would have spread the disease to more people. In fact, the disease claimed a number of lives which was an indication that the infection threat was real. Indeed, if the authorities and the public health organizations did not respond in time, the situation would have been worse (Honigsbaum, 2010). The lives claimed by the epidemic meant that the disease posed a danger to the global population since it would have resulted in more deaths, strain to the health sector, reduce the population, as well as affect the livelihood of those who relied upon the departed individuals.

The role of public health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Disease Control (CDC), and the medical staffs have a major role in curbing the spread of the disease by educating the people and providing health care to those who have been infected (CDC, 2010). WHO and CDC are mandated to research and find a cure or vaccine to reduce the spread and more infections.


What actions should be taken to prevent the spread of the flu in case there is another outbreak?

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