Supply Chain Management: Article Review

Article 1 Review

Bowers, J. (2017, September 20). Supply chain management: What small businesses need to know. Business News Daily. Retrieved from

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The article “Supply Chain Management: What Small Businesses Need to Know” by Bowers (2017) recommends ways businesses should manage their supply chains. The editorial can be classified as a fact-based argument with insights from industry experts. According to the author, small firms are some of the organizations that require proper strategies to handle the supply chain structure, which comprises suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers.

The author divides her work into three sections. First, she recognizes suppliers as important supply chain components, emphasizing the need to manage them efficiently. Bowers (2017) utilizes recommendations by Andrew Lynch, the president, and CEO of Zipline Logistics, to highlight ways of choosing supply chain partners, including evaluating their ability to satisfy future demands, examining whether they share the company’s values, reviewing comments from their previous customers, and assessing additional benefits they may offer the establishment in the long run. Secondly, she acknowledges risks as part of the supply chain and discusses some of the tactics that can be adopted in a small firm. Using Lynch’s words, Bowers states that businesses should select an ideal transport provider to create a noble and lasting impression of their brand (Bowers, 2017). Thirdly, she advises small-sized corporations on the need to have a strategy for handling disruptions because “only 28% of small businesses have a continuity plan” (Bowers, 2017, para. 17). In general, the three sections discuss supply chain management and the way small firms can be successful by incorporating contingency plans.

How this Relates to Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Chapters 1 and 3 connect with the article on the forces that drive the need for efficient supply chain management. Bowers (2017) mentions the existing disruptions in the supply chain. In her opinion, natural disasters and other emergencies are the most common risks associated with acquiring raw materials from suppliers (Bowers, 2017). Therefore, she advises small businesses to develop plans for dealing with such uncertainties. Similarly, the chapters address the issue of major distractions and the necessity for the supply chain to react promptly.

Chapter 2 also relates to the article on the issue of selecting a supply chain partner. Bowers acknowledges the need for firms to pick an ideal investor who can contribute to the long-term success of their operations. In her view, such associates should be evaluated based on bidding, honesty, and reliability during a business expansion (Bowers, 2017). Although Bowers (2017) understands that the main focus of small businesses is cost optimization, she warns companies against jeopardizing the quality of their products, which may result from relying on cheap consignments. Overall, chapter 2 highlights some of the tactics for identifying and selecting existing and new suppliers.

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Opinion of the Article

I think small companies should have a strategy for managing their supply chain. Such firms should be vigilant in selecting their business associates, especially suppliers, and distributors. Risk management should also be part of their plan. The supply chain is prone to multiple uncertainties, such as natural disasters and production delays, which may adversely affect consumers. Hence, to attract and retain clients, such establishments should identify and develop measures for reacting to potential risks. Notably, contingency plans for each hazard should be documented for workers.

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