Skills, Knowledge, or Behaviors

I have recognized a major opportunity as presented by the Army Congressional Fellowship Program. The program, including the pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Legislative Affairs at George Washington University, is a fundamental opportunity to learn more about the work of the Congress as it relates to the army. At the policy-making level, it would be critical to bring in the personnel with an understanding of the issues affecting the particular occupation in question. The chance to work within the Congress as an army staff provides me an opportunity to advance in my career and most importantly, participate in debating and finding policy solutions to major legislative issues, including Fiscal budget constraints with government health care and issues of health related to veteran affairs. As an Army Nursing Corps Officer, I should say that I have vast skills, knowledge, and behaviors that would be useful in advancing my roles within the program and even later within the legislative arena. With these, I will be able to complete the program successfully, advance my skills and knowledge, as well as have a positive contribution to both the Army and Congress.

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In the course of my work experience, I have gained critical leadership skills that will be useful within the program. I have worked as the Deputy Director, Practical Nursing Course, Clinical Nurse Manager, Officer-In-Charge, and Clinical Nurse Manager among various other nursing roles. In the process, I have gained insights on the issues affecting the nurses and the recipients of care, especially within the military setting. In addition, I have excelled in education, having attained two Bachelor Degrees in Science in Exercise Physiology and Science in Nursing with high GPA and the further confirmation of my achievements as evident on the attached resume. Therefore, I should confess that I have an understanding of the critical issues that should be proffered priority within the policy-making arena, such as in the Congress. For instance, having worked with the health care providers within the military, I understand the need to increase the budget to cater for the services in general and also the issues affecting the serving members of the army as well as the veterans. Such are issues that should be addressed within the Congress. However, being a member of staff without adequate knowledge of these issues is likely to inhibit the ability to address them with the seriousness they entail.

As it is evident from my resume, I have indicated a major potential to advance in my career and in seeking greater opportunities. Such is another trait that makes me suitable for the program. I have always valued professionalism and leadership in any field of investigation. The overall performance might never be perfect, but it can be mastered regularly and help the person to get closer to the perfection. I am always interested in greater challenges in life and even in my career. I believe that being part of the Congress and at the same time working for the Army is a nature of the challenge that I am prepared to face. Within the nursing career, and even working within the army, I made out that I could apply my leadership experience, but such did not grant the chance to work at the policy-making level within the government. I have a tendency of seeking a deeper comprehension of the issues affecting the people I work with and those that I provide services to. The behavior has opened my eyes to serious political issues that army officers and the health care providers face. From such a position, I believe that the program is what I was waiting for to put my insights into practice.

Future Prospects

If my candidature is considered to take part in the program, I believe that I will be part of those who will lead change in the way the Congress addresses army matters, including the health care needs of the service officers and the veterans. The opportunity is useful for acquiring new skills and competencies to apply in higher positions while advancing the nursing duties within the army. I believe that there are serious issues that should be addressed within the army, and the opportunity to take part in the program is a chance to come out with some answers to these issues. My sight is not limited to one organization as my goal is to become an important figure within the American and even the world politics. I am keen to develop greater leadership capabilities, not only in nursing but also in the political and policymaking arenas. I strongly believe that on leaving the program, following successful completion, I will not remain in the same position I am in presently. In fact, the chance offers diverse opportunities and potential to grow fast in many directions. It will also work for me regarding meeting more people who will play an important part in my future career life, including the potential to engage more in a political career. The patronage is critical in the today’s globalized world of opportunities since  “we have to learn first and rule after.” The acquired skills will be useful as I prepare to venture into other fields, nationally and internationally.

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Importance to the Army

The chance to join the Army Congressional Fellowship Program will not only be beneficial in advancing my career and affording me the possibility for promotion but also give me chance to advance my input within the army. I will have an understanding of how things work within the Congress. Hence, I have the chance to help the army in shaping their policy issues and presenting them in such a manner that they will be given a priority in the Congress. For instance, the issue affecting the veteran is one that has persisted for a long term, especially as it relates to their health care. On returning from the program, I can have a chance to convene a panel of leaders within my unit and come up with proposal on policy solutions. With the acquired knowledge and skills, I stand a better chance to design a policy that they will have an impact in Congress. In addition, the competence gained will give me a chance to advance the efficiency and quality of the service within the army. The program will offer me an opportunity that I have always waited for, to lead change in the organization where I am working. The army will benefit greatly by having more leaders with the necessary policy-making skills to advance their issues. In essence, the leadership capability will increase the motivation for others in the army to become part of the change process.

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