Qualities of an Excellent Teacher


Teachers are a crucial guiding force in the life of every student. In fact, the teaching process allows instructors to mold a learner’s personality and mental orientation. However, the effectiveness of the education career is governed by three main theories, which are the symbolic interactionism theory, conflict theory, and the functionalist theory. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize how an ideal teacher perceives education and educated person, gives back to society, organizes the teaching process, and determines one’s roles and responsibilities.

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The Ideal Teacher

An ideal instructor applies the best teaching approach that guarantees effectiveness in his or her career. In such cases, such a teacher is greatly respected by the students since he or she can guide by encouraging students to explore their talents or abilities, motivates them, and boost’s their morale.  

The Purpose of Education

Education is purposely meant to empower learners through well-organized guidance, which develops their thinking skills, while compassion in society nurtures their life-long passions and gives them wisdom on how to approach challenges in their daily lives.

The Meaning of an Educated Adult

Although teaching is sometimes challenging, each teacher’s intention is to produce an individual whose competence is beyond the average levels (The American Association of College of Teacher Education, 2010). Notably, this is one way that an instructor concurs with one of the educational theories that states, “Symbolic interactionism also suggests that our identity or sense of self is shaped by social interaction” (Knox & Schacht, 2007, p. 2). Hence, teachers produce personally innovative learners as they prepare them for complex working environments and societies. In addition, teachers provide students with excellent information technology skills that are crucial in maneuvering an ever-growing digital world. Lastly, teachers aim to provide qualified students in their lives and careers by nurturing their flexibility, innovativeness, accountability, leadership, and social-cultural skills (The American Association of College of Teacher Education, 2010). For example, well-nurtured students in an efficient school system reflect their achievement by maintaining healthy peer relationships. In this case, there is an extent of some becoming business associates or romantic partners.

Impacts of Education on Society

Every teacher is expected to nurture every student’s skills and abilities into becoming appropriate strategies to shape a sustainable future for society (Senge, 2012). By so doing, instructors fulfill one of the educational theories that state, “According to functionalism, society is a system of interconnected parts that work together in harmony to maintain a state of balance and social equilibrium for the whole” (Knox & Schacht, 2007, p. 1). Mainly, educators sensitize students on the need to participate collectively in maintaining a healthy environment and cultivating a mutual learning process with the entire communities. In addition, teachers nurture student leaders for active civic engagement, encourage students to embrace the fact that education is sustainability, which makes it possible for them to uphold the social-biological well-being of society through their attained knowledge (Senge, 2012). Moreover, when teachers emphasize collaborative learning, they acknowledge that student’s opinions, skills, and talents are important at school and within the larger society.

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The Teaching Process and Evaluation Procedures

An efficient teaching process promotes effective learning, nurtures a student’s ability to succeed, determines a learner’s potential, and measures one’s achievements through continuous assessments. By so doing, a teacher agrees with one of the primary education theories that state “the conflict perspective views society as composed of different groups and interest competing for power and resources” (Knox & Schacht, 2007, p. 2). That is why an ideal teacher first assesses the knowledge capacity of each student before teaching, uses new evidence in the entire practice, and designs meaningful performance goals for each learner. Then the instructor encourages each student to undertake self-assessments and set personal goals. In addition, the teacher uses the right criteria model, offers the appropriate choices for each test, and promptly gives appropriate feedbacks (McTighe & O’Connor, 2009). For example, teachers who maintain good records of their students can quickly provide bright students with challenging learning opportunities that coincide with their capabilities, while weaker ones are assigned intervention strategies that allow them to match up with others in their class.  

Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

An ideal teacher often evaluates his or her functions and duties as they are significant determiners of the success in both the teaching practice and that of one’s learner. The core responsibility of each instructor is influencing students with the required knowledge. Teachers are also responsible for creating comfortable and warm classroom sessions for optimal effectiveness (Subbarayudu & Kumar, 2013). As such, the instructors are also responsible for being role models and mentors since their behavior or views encourage positive or negative outcomes. For example, if a teacher thinks a student is a nonperformer, he or she spends less time and give little attention to such a learner. As a result, a pupil feels demoralized and inadequately accommodated, a situation that leads to poor outcomes in one’s academic performance. Lastly, teachers have a role in detecting conflicts in the classroom to protect victims of abuse and design ways of resolving trouble amongst students.


In essence, the above discussion has shown that an ideal teacher is dynamic in all aspects. Therefore, the respect one attains from the students is associated with a teacher’s ability to guide learners towards achieving their lifelong passions, impart wisdom, and develop their critical thinking. Moreover, ideal instructors grow the competence of individuals beyond the average to ensure that their talents and skills shape a sustainable future of the entire society. In addition, teachers ensure to use effective teaching and evaluation strategies that promote and assess the potential of each student. Finally, ideal instructors ensure to take into accountability their roles and responsibilities for the success of both the students and their teaching career.



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