Policy for the Working of the ER Doctor Responders

  1. Introduction

The policy document focuses on the role of ER Doctor Responders, the Emergency doctors who are assigned to the ambulance services, as competent enough to work on their own without the support of the paramedics working with Intensive care units. Dispatching of both units in the same emergency situation will add the cost to the organization, even if the Emergency Doctor Responders are in a good position to offer the necessary medical services.

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The company has a team of Emergency Doctor Responders who are capable and competent to provide services in emergency situations. The dispatchers should be made aware of the reality that they can confidently dispatch this team in emergency situations and that the services will be provided even with the use of manual CPR devices. Additionally, the ER Doctor Responders should receive further training to offer the services that are only offered by the paramedics within the intensive care ambulances to cut on the cost for the company.

  1. Scope

The scope of the policy is the roles and responsibilities of the ER Doctor Responders in the face of an emergency, including when they should be dispatched and what is expected of their service once they come to the location of the emergency. The policy recognizes the role of the ER Doctor Responders as first responders in the case of an emergency, a role that does not, in any case, intertwine with the intensive care services.

  1. Objectives
  2. To establish the framework for the function of the ER Doctor Responders that does not collide with that of the paramedics working within the intensive care ambulances.
  3. To dispatch the ER Doctor Responders as the most appropriate ambulance unit in the cases of emergency, especially where there are no emergency services near the location of the incident.
  • Providing the ER Doctor Responders with the necessary resources for effective service provision to avoid the need to dispatch two units at the same time.
  1. Responsibilities

4.1 The ER Doctor Responders form an important part of the first responders in the case of a major incident, primarily directed towards the provision of immediate medical attention to those in need of the services.

4.2 The emergency room trained doctors are equipped with trauma training to ensure that they provide the appropriate services once called to a scene of an emergency.

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4.3 The head of the ER Doctor Responders has the duty of ensuring effective induction of the new emergency room doctors entering the service. The process of induction should follow the employment policy used by the company.

4.4 The ER Doctor Responders have a responsibility of alerting, mobilising, as well as coordinating activities on the scene of an emergency using the resources critical for addressing the medical needs.

4.5 The ER Doctor Responders should operate towards ensuring that there is the capacity to respond to major emergencies in such a way that optimum care is provided to those in need.

4.6 The responders should try all means necessary to save life, including ensuring that those in need get the emergency services as soon as possible to save lives.

4.7 If possible, the ER Doctor Responders should seek to work with other emergency room or intensive care services, especially in cases where the ambulance services are far from the scene of the incident.

  1. The induction process

5.1 To ensure that the new doctors are a part of the team and understand what is expected of them in the case of an emergency.

5.2 It is critical to ensure that any doctor wishing to join the ER Doctor Responders has the basic training and fulfils the requirements for someone qualified to work as an ER doctor in ambulance services.

5.3 The person joining the team will have to go through the employment policy laid down by the company and also the guidelines to practice as an ER Doctor Responder.

5.4 A member of the team will always be nominated in case of admission of a new member, who will support the new doctor to become a part of the team. The new member will be allowed to take part in the emergency operation in the company of the selected member, at least for two months.

5.5 The selected member will assist the new responder in the following aspects:

  • The nature of the calls that ER Doctor Responders respond to.
  • The immediate response in case of an emergency.
  • The utilisation of blue lights and sirens.
  • Training on the use of the signals.
  • The necessary skills for effective response to emergency situations.
  • The level of interaction between the different ambulance units within the company.
  • The general policy, rules, and regulations of the company.

5.6 The selected member will be responsible for ensuring that the new member works in compliance with the various administrative issues as listed below:

  • The guidelines for response to emergencies to ensure the safety of the team and those in the emergency.
  • How to respond to different emergencies.
  • Incident reporting and documentation.
  • Ethical guidelines for emergency situations

5.7 The Medical Directorate will certify the successful completion of the induction process.

  1. Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)

6.1 An EOC will be set up to provide the record of the members of the ER Doctor Responders who can be dispatched in case of a call.

6.2 The information on a card index that will be maintained within the EOC will include:

  • Name of responder
  • Call sign
  • Home address/map
  • Work map
  • Days available
  • Geographic coverage (area each responder is prepared to cover)
  • Contacts
  • Clinical specialities
  • Particular vehicle intended for use

6.3 However, in case of an emergency, a dispatch will be made of the available doctor to prevent further damage including loss of life.

6.4 All calls and dispatches will be recorded and maintained within the EOC

6.5 Any response that is not dispatched from the station will also be recorded once the EOC is notified. This will include the responses in reaction to call by medics for assistance or self-responses.

Implementation Plan

Intended audience -Director of the insurance company

-ER Doctor Responder

Dissemination -A report available to the general staff

-A copy particularly directed to the ER Doctor Responder

Communications -The new policy announced to all the units of the company and provision of a link to the policy document.
Training -Training and induction of the new members by nominated members of the team.

-The entire team to undergo training to ensure that they can provide critical services on their own without relying upon the intensive care responders.

Monitoring -Monitoring to ensure that the ER Doctor Responders are able to provide comprehensive medical services without the help or support from the intensive care team.

-Assessment of the work of the ER Doctor Responders to ensure that they are following the basic guidelines for emergency situations.

-Monitoring the use of the manual CPR to ensure that it works in the same way as the mechanical one, or if there is a need for the use of the latter.



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