Perspectives in Sociology

Sociology is spelled out as the scientific study of the society which includes the culture, social interactions, and relationship among different people. There several theoretical perspectives that are used to explain sociology(Dunlap,2015). They include functionalist, conflict, feminist, queer, and symbolic interactions’.

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Functionalism is a perspective in sociology that is used to explain how the society consists of different parts that are similar where each part serves a particular purpose. Functionalism theory helps us to understand the different institutions that make the society in general. For example the government, law, education, and religion


It is a theory in sociology that explains the different dominant ideologies. Karl Marx is said to be the father of special conflict. The theory is important as it helps us to understand the class we belong to and also the type of social effort and power that we should exact to attain our goals.

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Feminist in sociology is a type of conflict theory which focuses on gender relating it to power and reflexivity within the social structure. Its major focus is sexual orientation, race, the economic status and the nationality of different persons. The theory is important as it helps us to understand our rights despite the difference in gender.


The theory states that feminism is a strong concept in sociology where sex is believed to have its own unique characteristics. Queer theory helps us to understand the approach to literary and cultural study that is with traditional categories of gender and sexuality.

Symbolic Interactions

The symbolic interaction theory was developed in the middle twentieth century, which was formulated by Bulmer in the year 1969. The theory has continued to be influential in different areas and hence makes us believe that human beings are best understood in a practical relationship with their current environment (Lawler, 2015).

In conclusion, the theories have assisted us in understanding the sociology of human beings. We can understand and solve problems that may arise in our daily activities. Also, we get to understand why we are different regarding behavior.

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