Organizational Change: Moving Toward Better IT Management


Organizational management principles have evolved gradually in the past few years to the point of changing the whole procedures applied in organizational goal realization (Patterson & Henning, 2004). In recent times, there has been the development of new thinking on how the complexity of science regarding the intricate biological systems in the human body can be applied to solving organizational problems (Cezarino & Beltrán, 2009). This paper describes the application of this complex science in advancing information system management in an organization.

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The Required Steps

The IT system in an organizational aspect is a complex facet whose components are self-organizing without external blueprints, which adapts to the technological changes experienced in the organization (Cezarino & Beltrán, 2009). Due to the complexity of IT systems, it is important to adopt appropriate steps that will effectively initiate better management of these systems.

Step 1. Communication of the Management Plan

In this step, the IT management problem has to be communicated effectively. The problem should be narrated in the form of storytelling. The storytelling format gives the individuals the whole picture of the situation with all the information necessary for understanding the IT systems comprehensively. The format also allows the people to think diversely and view the systems, not as just machines but as part of their team that needs to be understood individually (Cezarino & Beltrán, 2009). Hence, the dialogue seeks to provide diversified possible strategies for managing the systems. I would summon my management team and have the IT expert give us the composition of the IT system in our organization, after which we would review each component and discuss possible ways of management of those components.

Step 2. Open Space Technology

The second step entails gathering all the ideal management strategies and focusing them on a single objective. The best concepts from the first step should also be implemented in this second step. As a manager, I would consider all the management techniques suggested by my team and formulate a way to implement them in various system management components, which will achieve a common goal.

Step 3. Clarifying Progress

After implementing the management strategies, there is a need to check whether the plan is working as intended. The results are measured against the intended goals against time. Since the system is self-organizing, the outcomes ought to be better than the anticipated results. As a manager, I would encourage my management team to enhance the growing capability of the system without limiting the system to the rigidly stated plan. I would lead my team to innovate new ways of IT systems management continually.

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Patterson, T. H., & Henning, K. K. (2004). The History Of The Certified Public Manager: How the Applicatio of Management Principles Contributed to Success and Sustained Growth Over a Three Decade Organizational Journey. Public Administration Quarterly, 28(3), 254-283


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