Post Response: Obesity

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The observation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the rampant rise in the cases of obesity in the United States can be confirmed and supported by research. Again, the associated complications, including the heart diseases, stroke, some types of cancer, and diabetes are certain and consequential because they can be avoided by reducing the cases of overweight in the population.

I agree with the post that the management of the condition should be on two levels, including the individual and the community level. Consequently, the self-care approach concerns the adoption of personal self-care practices in healthy food intake and lifestyle change. The individual’s family genetics, income, behavior, and race play a significant role in obesity prevalence in the populations. Accordingly, I support the premise that self-care and protection against the disease should start from these factors. Similarly, the community determinants such as the geographical location and the influence of culture and practices are factors to consider in studying obesity.

Particularly, the illustration of the influence of eating habits as influenced by the public is quite effective in communicating on the health condition. As such, the post is very informative on the health risks associated with obesity as well as the risk factors that contribute to the development of the condition. Finally, I applaud the recommended responsibilities of the nursing practitioners in prevention and management of obesity in the populations. Indeed, I agree that nurses can play a significant role in the prevention of the condition by creating awareness and through education. Besides, it is also true that the professionals can influence the management of the condition by committing the right tools and resources to the patients. Therefore, a subjective opinion is that the post presents a qualitative research on the subject of obesity as highlighted by the CDC and related studies.

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