My Beliefs as an Educator

For many educators, learning is about making a lesson plan, implementing it, and then scrutinizing to see if the students understood what have been taught through assessments. Apparently, this approach is efficient, but it has its flaws. Indeed, this style of learning focuses on learning the facts based on memorization as opposed to critical thinking and active engagement. Similar to how students join learning institutions with unique experiences and different backgrounds, educators also possess different trainings and experiences that prepare them to either excel or fail during their teaching practice. In my own opinion, a good teacher is made up of a combination of many attributes as opposed to the common belief that expertise come out of experience.

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Many people believe that experienced teachers are the best. Although this could have some truth, it does not necessarily mean that all experience is genuine (Dewey 25). Worth noting is that there is evidence that the more an educator has experience in the classroom, the better his or her outcome with regard to students’ learning. In this case, it means that learning experience has some positive correlation with learning outcomes. Nevertheless, teaching experience is not a panacea for effective learning. Indeed, it is evident that several other factors contribute to effective learning.

According to Borg, one of the things that enhance effectiveness in a teacher is education (275). However, the manner in which an educator was taught can have an impact on how teachers educate their students. In other words, teachers who are teaching on their first time tend to convey the model they used in their learning to their students. This means that teachers will teach their students according to how they were taught. In this case, they end up exerting conventional pressure on the teaching profession. While teachers’ education is one of the things that enhance instructional methods as it increases their ability to impart and convey teaching, it works hand-in-hand with other attributes.

Another quality that makes a good teacher is the personality. In fact, students hold a view that the personalities of their teachers contribute more to the students’ learning experiences as opposed to their level of education. Imagining a scenario where a teacher has a student with special needs. One day the teacher decides to carry out an activity that could threaten the well-being of the student with special needs. The parents of this child with disability had previously informed the teacher that noise could disrupt the child. Therefore, if there was any activity that involved instant noise, then they should consider the safety and well-being of the child by providing him with headphones. The gadgets would ensure that the child is safe and guarantee the learner that there was no danger.

Under normal circumstances, there is an individualized education plan for special students learning in the mainstream. However, the student in our case scenario did have such a plan, but the strategy did not indicate the protective measures in case noise and anything that threatened the stability of the child occurred. Being ignorant of the parent’s caution, the teacher feels that ensuring the safety of the student with special needs would breach the confidentiality of a surprise fire drill even though the other teachers felt it was important. After being pressurized by his fellow teachers, the class teacher feels that the boy has to be taken out of class to ensure that the plan is effective, a thing that many believe is not ethically right. In such cases, personality of the teacher is an important indicator of learning outcomes of not only the child with special needs but also for the other students. Just as indicated in the video discussion, teachers should be considerate of their students irrespective of their physical or intellectual challenges. Therefore, a good educator needs to ensure that they reach out to all students, even if it means to go out of their normal routine to help them.

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A good teacher should also create rapport with his or her students. The approach helps in encouraging good behavior, as the student will want to do what it takes to please their teacher. Simple things such as greeting students as an educator walks in and saying goodbye as they leave can create rapport. A teacher should not create the rules and regulations that govern a classroom alone. When educators collaborate with students to develop the rules, the initiative helps in strengthening their rapport.

Ensuring that the environment in the schools is conducive for learning is also fundamental to effective education. Not only do students get knowledge from schools but they also acquire vital skills that they can use in their life after school. In fact, schooling helps students to integrate into the community and hence become responsible members of society. As such, a good educator should teach the students on how to associate with other people, whether young or old. They should also encourage them to practice humility and patience, being kind to other people, and above all, abide by the rule of law.

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