Leadership Qualities and Personality Traits of Global Leaders: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is a global technology entrepreneur and the founder of Amazon. Bezos is also the chief executive officer (CEO) and President of Amazon. He is a strategic investor and philanthropist with immense knowledge and business interest in technology, e-commerce, and space travel. Bezos is recognized as a global leader and one of the most influential people in the world. He has exemplary leadership skills that propel Amazon into success (Umoh, par 2). He has demonstrated patience and resilience when developing a multi-billion business, from a simple approach of selling second-hand books through an online platform to becoming the wealthiest person in the world. In addition, he has significant leadership and personality traits that define his character and how he manages his daily activities. Although Jeff Bezos has been awarded several accolades and recognition for exemplary service, innovation, and effective management of Amazon, some of his personality traits and leadership qualities can destroy his business acumen.

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Personality traits influence and explain uniqueness in people. Traits are significant in defining a particular person’s behavior, mannerisms, and preferences. The big five models of personality traits reveal specific aspects such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness, and extraversion as major attributes found in human beings. It is worth noting that Jeff Bezos scores highly on the conscientiousness trait. For instance, he is detail-oriented when managing his assignments. According to Satchell et al., people who score highly on conscientiousness personality traits are persistent and goal-driven (113). Likewise, they also run orderly schedules and often achieve set goals. Therefore, Jeff Bezos is seen as a reliable person based on the conscientiousness personality trait.

To reach the level of Jeff Bezos, I wish to develop the conscientiousness personality trait. Therefore, I am persuaded by specific principles such as orderliness, persistence, and goal-drivenness. I want to advance the attribute to practice patience and adopt a structured way of life to excel in the dynamic business and professional world. Accordingly, I seek to promote conscientiousness by developing schedules for my work and school assignments while avoiding giving up on my weak areas. Hence, I plan to build motivation and synergies in my lifestyle for success.

Notably, global leaders should possess leadership skills that propel their multinational organizations to success. Ulrich and Dulebohn aver that prioritizing customer service is an effective leadership and corporate style that ensures an organization focuses on the expectations of its clients (192). Jeff Bezos offers a unique leadership style that influences growth and customer satisfaction at Amazon. His efforts ensure that all operations are geared toward customer gratification. A primary focus on end-users serving clients based on their needs, regions, and product preference. Therefore, focusing on the dynamic needs of customers leads to their satisfaction and the company’s growth.  

More importantly, I wish to become responsive to customers’ needs by focusing on partnership, business, and education standards. I intend to be responsive by effectively managing the expectations of my coursework and being committed to its requirements. Accordingly, I also purpose to adopt a philosophy of planning my programs with the interest of other people in mind. Through this initiative, I will build a holistic approach and focus on solving customers’ concerns and meeting their needs.

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