Iran, UAE Sign Document to Boost Maritime Security Cooperation


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SS 115 FALL 2019

Name: ___________________________

Topic of Article: Iran and the State of Maritime Security

Title of Article: Iran, UAE Sign Document to Boost Maritime Security Cooperation

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WHO is this article about?

The article is about Iran and the UAE. The work particularly covers the state of maritime security and regional dispute between the two countries. Although these are the main nations discussed in the paper, other states involved include the United States, Japan, and Germany.

WHERE is this event or issue occurring? (Specify city, country, region, etc.)

The issue of maritime security is occurring in Tehran, Iran. The UAE and Iran had conflicts over maritime navigation in the Persian Gulf between (“Iran, UAE,” 2019). The meeting held in Tehran was aimed at resolving the regional rivalry to protect all forms of water transportation in the gulf.

WHEN did this story take place? Be careful and THINK! Explain.

Although the story about the signing of the maritime border cooperation agreement took place on August 1, 2019, the matter has been in existence for approximately three years now. The issue of border disruptions may have begun after UAE supported United States’ plans to reinstate sanctions on Iran. Since then, multiple cases of attacks on water vessels have been evident, including the naval accidents that occurred in October 2013 and two blasts that hit Japanese and Norwegian vessels in November (“Iran, UAE,” 2019). Iran denied its involvement despite constant accusations from the United States. The meeting covered in the story is a recent diplomatic step by the UAE and Iran to enhance maritime security after a prolonged conflict over border control, which affected interactions between the two nations.

WHAT is this story about? List 5 facts you learned from the article. (From these facts, those of us who did not read the article should be able to determine what it said!)

  1. Disruption of maritime security affects economic development in the UAE, Iran, and other states that rely on shared waters.
  2. One of the best ways of solving conflicts among countries is through diplomacy.
  3. The state of international relations between the UAE and Iran may affect other nations involved in similar economic, political, and cultural relationships, such as Japan and Norway.
  4. One of the leading causes of political misunderstanding among countries is the failure of governments to adhere to signed agreements. For instance, the United States’ decision to reinstate sanctions has partially contributed to the poor state of political relations between the UAE and Iran.
  5. There are legal approaches to recovering from economic downturns. For instance, Iran has sought alternative strategies of conducting its economic activities regardless of extreme sanctions implemented by the United States.

HOW is this story important?

The selected story enlightens international relations students on alternative and peaceful ways of conflict resolution. In disputed cases, eastern nations have often resorted to military attacks. However, he article proves that other strategies, such as diplomatic talks, can yield better outcomes. The reader may understand and appreciate the role of international relations in economic and cultural development since maritime insecurity disrupts border interactions, especially among entrepreneurs and fishers (“Iran, UAE,” 2019). Attempts to foster better global associations can facilitate working relations and boost economic development among nations.

PREDICT what you think might happen as this story develops.

The agreement signed by the UAE and Iran will enhance working relationships between the two countries. Border regulation and maritime security will foster activities across the region. Other states that rely heavily on water transportation in the Persian Gulf will also benefit from this association. Additionally, I predict that the selected story will facilitate diplomatic talks between the United States and Iran over the nuclear deal. Peaceful resolutions between the UAE and Iran may encourage the Iranian government to cooperate with the United States and discuss the matter.

ASK – Write a well-developed and thoughtful question that the class can answer from information on this page.

Why do you think UAE and Iran decided to sign the maritime border cooperation agreement?

ANSWER – Write, in complete sentences, a thoughtful response to your question.

The decision made by the UAE and the Iranian government was driven by economic factors. Therefore, it was important to enhance maritime border security to foster economic activities in the Gulf.



Iran, UAE sign document to boost maritime security cooperation. (2019, August 1). Retrieved from

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