IOWA Model of EBP

The future of health in geriatric inpatient care depends on the ability of nurses to understand the unique patient needs; hence, use the professional experience to implement interventions to address such needs. Nurses should develop a high level of knowledge to implement evidence-based change (Schaffer, Sandau, & Diedrick, 2012). The purpose of this project is to identify, analyze, and apply the IOWA Model of Evidence-Based Practice to improve geriatric inpatient care.

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Description of the Model

IOWA Model was created in the 1990s at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. It was proposed as a guide for nurses to use research evidence to improve patient care (Iowa Model Collaborative et al., 2017). The model was a pathway or method to evidence-based practice.

Purpose of the Model

The IOWA Model is useful in nursing and other health care areas because it guides the translation of research evidence into practice. Nurses can use the model to apply empirical findings to their practice to improve care outcomes (Schaffer, Sandau, & Diedrick, 2013). For example, IOWA Model can direct nurses’ exploration of patient needs in geriatric inpatient care to implement evidence-based solutions.

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Classification of the Model

The model falls under the category of individual users to improve health care processes. It is applied at a personal level because it was meant for nurses in various health care settings to learn how to apply evidence to their practice (Schaffer, Sandau, & Diedrick, 2013). Therefore, nurses in geriatric inpatient care can use the model to change the geriatric inpatient care and improve patient outcomes.

Key Features of the Model

Various features are inherent in the IOWA Model. Nurses play an essential role in gathering evidence for application in change processes (Iowa Model Collaborative et al., 2017). Changes and improvement measures are informed by adequate empirical evidence of efficacy.

Steps of the Model

The model has eight steps: 1) identification of the trigger that requires EBP change; 2) determining if the problem is a priority; 3) forming the team to develop, evaluate, and implement the change; 4) gathering the research evidence; 5) critique and synthesize the research; 6) think about the adequacy of research evidence; 7) if yes, to step 5, implement the change as a pilot; and evaluate results (Iowa Model Collaborative et al., 2017). The steps ensure the applicability of the model in practice.

Relationships in the Model

The model has critical relationships that make it useful in implementing change in nursing and health care. The initial interaction includes nursing, which is a care process that relates to patients, such as in geriatric inpatient care. The nurse identifies the problem, gathers and implements evidence to achieve a process or practice change.

Assumptions in the Model

The model assumes that problems inherent in nursing and healthcare can be solved through research and application of evidence to the care setting. It also assumes that nurses have the necessary competence to collect and use the evidence. The assumption is critical to ensure that changes in geriatric inpatient care are based on adequate and reliable evidence.

Application to Professional Practice

The model applies to the necessary improvement of care in geriatric inpatient setting. Nurses in such setups are confronted with significant challenges involving provision of care to ailing elders. Given the challenging nature of the practice, nurses should always collect evidence to create knowledge that will inform the future of health care in this area.


Overall, change is necessary for nursing and healthcare. Hence, it should be based on adequate evidence from empirical research. Notably, IOWA Model is applicable to the improvement of care through evidence-based changes.

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