Graduate Program in Nursing

My Expectations of a Graduate Program in Nursing

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I expect to develop the competence to provide safe and quality care to my patients. Nursing education is significant because it offers the necessary skills to nurses as they interact with and provide health care to diverse patients. Besides, I expect to enhance my self-esteem and self-efficacy as an individual and as a professional. The nursing training, therefore, will help me to achieve personal and professional growth, as I increase my knowledge in nursing theories, research, and practice. Consequently, I will be better placed to implement evidence-based practice to improve health care outcomes. The graduate program will offer the necessary chance for continued learning and adding knowledge to improve my work.

Nurse Leaders Need for a Master’s Degree

Yes, I believe that nurses in leadership require at least a master’s degree. Having such a qualification, a nurse leader prepares a path for further education, including the opportunity to earn a Ph.D. The proficiency proves that a nurse has the necessary skills and competence to lead others because of the higher learning and advanced training. A master’s degree enhances the perception of other nurses and health care professionals that the leader has exceptional determination, drive, and goals. The competence provides the necessary skills for the leader to influence others and even become a nurse educator to inculcate skills that the leader develops.

The Reason for Selecting an MSN degree

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For RNs with a BSN, it is possible to question the need for going back to school to pursue another degree. However, I have already set an MSN degree as an important goal in my nursing training. I know there is a benefit in pursuing the degree as opposed to an MBA or a Master’s degree in education. The degree will offer new opportunities in nursing, such as becoming a nurse leader, departmental head, or even the director of a nursing institution. I will also benefit financially because a salary increment may accompany advanced qualifications. I have always dreamt of providing improved care to patients; hence, an MSN degree is the opportunity that I need.

The Impact of the Graduate Education

I know that I am already qualified nursing professional. However, I desire to continue enhancing my education qualifications and improving the skills to serve patients. The graduate program will improve my current professional nursing performance by providing advanced knowledge and skills to serve patients. Besides, during the training, I will conduct extensive research to create improved knowledge that will enhance my current performance level. I will have the opportunity to interact with nurse trainers and other experienced nursing professionals and learn important lessons. In addition, I will serve patients on a highly advanced level after learning and developing EBP.

Anticipated Position in 1-3 years

I am learning to improve my chances to become a leader in the nursing profession. Within 1-3 years, I will be working as a department or unit leader within a critical care unit at a hospital. I will need to have adequate experience to lead other nurses to provide quality and safe care to critically ill patients. I understand that the position is highly demanding, but as an MSN graduate, I will have the skills and experience to play this important role. After graduation, I will be prepared for greater working opportunities that are available in the future.

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