Fall Prevention Plan

Older adults above the age of 65years are at the risk of falling, which greatly puts them at a health risk. According to Center For Disease Control (2008), one-third of the Americas older adults experience falls. The author highlights that in 2004 alone, falling was responsible for over 14000 deaths in the US. Fall prevention is important since it reduces fractures, head injury, and at times even death.  Therefore, it is important to prevent falls since they amount to huge treatment costs (CDC, 2008). Lastly, falls are preventable by offering the fall avoidance programs and implementing the fall deterrence plan.

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Mrs. J who is a 78-year-old widow has experienced two falls where one of them left her with a fractured wrist. Additionally, Mrs. J is suffering from hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, and glaucoma. Therefore, she is taking medication that may be affecting her brain function and balance. Due to old age and sickness, Mrs. J has lost the stability, and this is attributable to the inability to walk, especially during cold weather. Lastly, Mrs. J lives in a two-story building, which means she climbs stairs, which are one of the most causes of falling. Therefore, it is evident that Mrs. J is at a serious risk of falling.

To keep Mrs. J safe from the risks of falling, there is need to develop a fall prevention plan to keep her safe. For instance, Mrs. J is under medication, which is likely to cause dizziness. Given that she is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, she is likely to be taking painkillers, which are likely to make her feel dizzy thus the fall (CDC, 2008). Therefore, it is important for her to talk to a physician who will guide her on how to take her medicines or have the medication reviewed.

Due to her illness and old age, Mrs. J does not physically active, making her legs weaker due to lack of exercises. According to CDC (2008), it is essential for older people to do simple physical exercises such as Tai Chi, given that it strengthens the muscles and improves balance hence reducing the chances of falling. However, the exercises should be done under the supervision of a medical practitioner, as they should not be too strenuous.

Most people miss a step or slip, especially due to poor sight or lighting. Hence, to overcome this issue, it is important for the house of Mrs. J to have well-lit walking paths and holding bars along the staircases to ensure she does not fall. Additionally, it is important to educate Mrs. J and her caregiver of the risk factors that may cause her to fall and on how to keep them in check. Given the fact that she is on medication, it is important for her to take the medicine in time and those medicines that cause dizziness or sleep should be taken while in bed or seated. It is also important for her to know the importance of exercises since they will help her regain her balance and fortify her physique (CDC, 2008).

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Older adults are prone to falls, especially in their homes. Some of these falls have been fatal and have claimed several lives while others have permanently maimed the victims. Therefore, it is important to undertake several steps that will reduce the risks of falling and save peoples’ lives and keep them in good health. The discussion has analyzed and provided solutions for the risks affecting Mrs. J hence keeping her safe from falling.

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