Exploring Research Results

The Research Result Useful in the Practice Setting

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The research result useful in the practice setting includes the effectiveness of a multimodal approach, including simulation, in reducing job strain for nurses working in highly demanding healthcare settings, such as in the ICU (Villemure, Tanoubi, Georgescu, Dubé, & Houle, 2016; El Khamali et al., 2018). The intervention entails a simulation approach to education using role-play and debriefing that has revealed a positive impact on reducing job strain and compassion fatigue.

The Fit, Feasibility, and Appropriateness of the Result for the Practice Setting

The study is a perfect fit for application to nursing practice to address the prevalence of strain when working in highly demanding and compassion-oriented settings. It is feasible because it can easily be replicated to various nursing settings and hospitals (Jones, Passos-Neto, & Braghiroli, 2015). It is appropriate in training and preparing nursing students to work in strenuous workplaces.

The Action Plan

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The intervention comprises a training program implemented in a nursing school or healthcare setting to develop various skills, including resilience, clinical approach, decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork, and task prioritization to reduce the negative impact of working in strenuous workplaces (El Khamali et al., 2018). The intervention is meant to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout.


The resources required to implement the intervention include technology, such as computers and the internet to create the simulated experience, human resources in the form of trainers, a suitable environment, and a classroom or a lab to conduct the intervention.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation of the intervention will involve the level of development of the target skills. A quantitative tool to test the level of strain and compassion fatigue will be completed before and after the initiative to check whether the objective of the intervention has been met.

A Future Research Study

An additional study to test the efficacy of simulation in a practice setting, such as among nurses in a hospital ICU would help to extend knowledge on the PICOT study.

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