Examples of Business Correspondence

Scenario 1

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To: All Employees

From: Head of Human Resources

Date: September 21, 2019

Subject: Cancellation of Holiday Bonus

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On behalf of SimuTech’s management, I appreciate your continued hard work and commitment towards fulfilling our organizational goals. The company’s remarkable financial performance throughout the past few years reflects your undying effort and professionalism. However, as you all know, this has been a challenging year for the firm because of multiple external factors that have significantly affected our operations. Based on recent financial evaluations, the corporation has suffered an unexpected downturn in profits. Unfortunately, regarding this decline in our operating margins, the expected holiday bonuses will not be distributed this year as has been our tradition for the last decade.

Although holiday bonuses are impossible this year, the management is working tirelessly to ensure we reinstate the program in the coming financial period. Therefore, executive managers are planning to review the business strategy and adjust our products to increase profits and offer future benefits. In particular, the board of directors has proposed that our services and products should be stretched to a less competitive market to satisfy new demands and optimize our margins from existing and other potential customers. The administration is also working towards improving our product portfolio and capitalizing on fast-moving and improved software. Detailed information on the above and other intended changes will be communicated in future memos.

I appreciate your continued support and understanding, especially throughout this period of the financial shakeup. I also look forward to joining efforts with all of you in the next fiscal year as we work towards our goal.



The Head of Human Resources


Scenario 2

To: All Staff

From: Head of Human Resources

Date: September 21, 2019

Subject: Inappropriate Use of Office Computers

As you all know, Craig Wilson, one of our well-regarded workers, parted ways with the company last week. The move may have shocked most of us, especially given his great achievements as the senior software engineer. However, the management would like to reassure each of you that the employee’s dismissal was an essential measure of enhancing the safety of our operations and mitigating adversities that may affect your jobs in the company. Nonetheless, we appreciate Wilson’s undying effort to facilitate success in the software development unit and wish him the best in his career.

Apart from these past few days, it has also come to the management’s attention that some workers use office computers for personal activities. The administration wishes to remind all of us that the company’s equipment should be utilized solely for company operations unless instructed otherwise. While this may appear to be a draconian policy, we should all recognize that the security of our jobs and the firm’s existence depends highly on everyone’s willingness to adhere to it. Following this important rule, we shall protect the organization’s vulnerability to legal action and external cyber-attacks. Workers who fail to comply with this policy will be subject to immediate dismissal.

As part of implementing the above policy change, managers, with the help of the support personnel, will perform random checks to ensure that personal and illegal tasks are not conducted using office computers. You are all urged to cooperate and remain calm during the entire process. Staff with concerns regarding the new rules are also encouraged to direct their questions to the human resource office.


Kind Regards,

The Head of Human Resources


Scenario 3

From: student’s email

To: susanmonk@local chambers.com

Subject: Promotional Opportunity

Dear Ms. Monk,

I acknowledge the receipt of your recent email to our company, offering us a marketing opportunity. On behalf of the management, I would like to thank you for considering Warren Enterprises for the promotional chance to sponsor a sign at the local baseball stadium. The fee you quoted in the mail ($2,000) also appears ideal, especially considering the current economic condition. I believe this is an excellent opportunity for the firm to build its brand and strengthen its market presence among the residents.

However, before this decision is made, a few issues that the company wishes to settle with the Chamber of Commerce should be considered. Last year, we paid a fee of $1,000 to sponsor the town’s annual Patriot Day parade. Although the float was delivered on time, the management was unsatisfied with its appearance. Besides, it contained several misrepresentations of our company’s logo. Since then, our request to receive a refund for the float has remained unanswered despite multiple attempts by the administration.

Warren Enterprise’s management acknowledges the capability of your organization to deliver the promised value. In light of this, we will be more willing to take advantage of the promotional opportunity if you choose to accept our request to either refund fee from the original event or reduce the current proposed amount.

I look forward to your response on the matter and working with you on future promotional programs.



Student’s Name

Vice President, Warren Enterprises


 Cover Memo

To: Professor’s Name

From: Student’s Name

RE: Challenges and Strategies Involved in Completing the Messages

Relaying highly sensitive messages to workers, such as cancellation of holiday bonuses and firing a highly-capable employee, was a great challenge. Given the nature of the content, it was crucial to select the right balance in tone to avoid triggering adverse reaction among the staff. At the same time, it became imperative to choose the most appropriate words that reflect professionalism, which the workforce would understand with less resentment. Although maintaining the three aspects in all the documents appeared problematic, I managed to develop a few strategies for communicating the message.  

The first step was including a statement of goodwill before introducing the unpleasant news. It is expected that the message may shock some employees, especially those who anticipated a timely distribution of holiday bonuses. Complementing the staff’s effort at the beginning of the memo was purposed to minimize tension and assure them that the company values their effort, regardless of the current situation. The statement was also meant to moderate the intensity of the main subject.

The other step was reassuring employees that the situation was temporary. The strategy was accomplished by providing information on measures the management put in place to reinstate the event. For instance, workers were assured that holiday bonuses would hopefully be restored in the forthcoming year after the company reviews its business plan and adjusted its products. The approach was aimed at assuring workers that the company had their interest in mind and facilitating retention of the current workforce.

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