Evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s Political Campaign Website

Who is Hillary Clinton?

In our contemporary society, political campaigners have found that an online presence is critical to their success in elections, thanks to technological advancements, particularly in web design. Hillary Clinton, who announced her presidential candidacy in April 2015, has not been left out. She has developed a website with a nice design and interesting content, which has created a platform where she interacts with the supporters and receives donations from her potential donors. Hillary Clinton’s political website is effective in that it helps keep track of records and people, analyze data and, most of all, contact, and engage people.

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Persuading People to Action

First and foremost, Hillary Clinton’s website is credible in calling for action. In other words, it is effective in persuading users to not only vote for her but also to contribute and to join the campaign. A person’s first psychological impression after opening the website is the urge to vote for her. In addition, her website has various call-to-action keys that include the donation, the vote online, and the volunteer and events button as well as the buy link. In essence, all the links come in very cool colors, such as turquoise blue and red, which are themes that give a picture of her cool attitude.

Personality Identity

Hillary Clinton’s identity can easily be picked from her pictures from the website. A superb example is a picture above, which was taken on her wedding day. The picture helps portray her as a loving wife with the aptitude to make a good president. While the photo on her wedding day is placed near an email sign up button, the photo showing her on a charity visit is placed near the donate button. This is aimed at persuading the audience join her team and donate respectively. Not only do website users get to know who Hillary Clinton is, but they also help portray her other side: a loving mother, grandmother, and sister who can make a good president for the people of America. As well, pictures from this website can tell of Hillary Clinton’s devotion to her family, her loyalty, and her love for children.

Patriotic Textures and Colors

Any presidential candidate intending to win an election ought to display their patriotism, as it is an essential feature any president should have. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s website gives a clear depiction of her patriotism. The site shows that she stands for both the surety of her people and the nation at large because her patriotic theme is easy to realize from the web design, images, textures, and colors. Indeed, her colors are perfectly chosen to rhyme with the intent of the website. For instance, red is one of the colors that have been used so that the website user gets the feeling of love, vigorous health, and joy, which are sentiments associated with the color.

 Despite the fact that color red might display the above aspects of individuals visiting Clinton’s website, it also might stir up some negative thoughts owing to the fact that the color is associated with a wide range of negativity, including death, quick tempers, and aggression, as well as anger. However, at a closer look on the donate button, which is a rectangular red bar, the color red is aimed at ensuring that every person visiting the website gets a quick glimpse of the button. The red color catches the eyes of individuals quickly, and hence, they will be inclined to the call for action. Another pigment that has dominated this website is blue. Not only does it show the spirituality aspect of Hillary Clinton, but it also provides viewers with a feeling of sensitivity to issues that concern the general populace, peace, and her desire to nurture. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s colors are chosen in a manner that generates a sense of patriotism. For instance, the color blue seems deep, a color that gives a sense of soothing and reassuring. The deep blue color might also be used as an indication of stability. In addition, the turquoise blue color, a bit lighter and fresher, indicates her enthusiasm and friendliness. Moreover, the color is symbolic in that it is associated with the Democrats, an affiliation party to the Clinton.

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Hillary Clinton’s Logo

Hillary Clinton’s logo design appears to be complicated, and difficult to understand the underlying meaning. In order for a person, especially a political candidate, to have an effective logo, it must be relatively simple, eloquent, and easy to remember. In addition, an effective logo should adequately integrate the color, topography, and form, which are the three components of logo design. Hillary Clinton’s color utilizes red and blue. On the one hand, these colors denote patriotism. On the other hand, using the two bright colors could be problematic because it causes a graphical blur at the point of intersection and tends to make a purple effect. They also cause a visual conflict in that there is no dominant color. Both colors are used almost in equal proportions.

Effective logos should also create some topographical elements, especially in those aimed at political interactions. The name of the candidate is the brand. In this case, Hillary uses the letter H, which has the aptitude to be strong. However, the space between the vertical “posts” is too wide, so the audience may not know to whom the logo is being symbolized.

Forms are shapes and objects that appear as hidden in the logo. In Hillary’s case, an arrow that crosses the rectangle to form the letter H represents it. Although it has the potential to be effective, it fails to leave some elements for the audience to interpret. Therefore, Hillary’s logo does not appear unique and fails in all the three components of logo design. It is also closely related to other well-known logos, for instance, the FedEx logo.       

Exhaustive Data

Hillary’s website is meaningful yet concise with brevity. In fact, it offers the most important and valuable information to voters. Hillary understands that electorates usually do not read long texts because they will be required to utilize more time than intended, and hence the brevity of her language. In addition, the website is easy to operate, and one gets all answers to their questions within a fraction of a second. For questions and issues as well as recommendations that the members of the public should have, they are responded to within the shortest time possible. Although Hillary Clinton’s political website is effective in helping keep track of records and people, analyze data and, most of all, contact and engage voters; however, the website fails in its rhetorical effectiveness of the design.  

Works Cited

Hillary for America. 2016 Print. Available at https://www.hillaryclin

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