Early Childhood Case Study: Cry Baby

How typical are the behaviors in this classroom?

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The behaviors portrayed in the selected scenario create a picture of a normal stage in early childhood development. The classroom under study comprises children below five years. One of the typical characteristics of this group is the lack of self-expression. Children at this stage may not verbally express emotions, such as fear and anxiety, to their peers. For instance, Erica begins to cry after Tanner confronts her about ruining the tower. Hence, such a reaction may be expected among children in Tanner’s age group who have inadequate self-expression. 

Limited social behaviors are also common among children aged four years. At this stage of development, children may be less exposed to essential social behaviors, including sharing and caring for each other. An example of this type of conduct is the argument that arises after Zada refuses to share her crackers with Annie. The act may be perceived as normal, considering their level of social growth. Although some kids in the classroom, such as Joe, are highly considerate of others, the quality may be limited by other factors, including parental guidance and social interactions.

Why do you think some children are so eager to be helpful and to share while others are so quick to assign blame and respond negatively?

Early environments and experiences may influence children’s behavior. For instance, remarks made in the presence of a child may influence actions toward their peers. The aspect may be used to explain how Tanner responded negatively to Erica’s act. In my view, Tanner might have witnessed similar events when growing up. In particular, he may belong to a male-dominated family where women lack equal rights to indulge in certain tasks. In addition, his company appears to influence his behavior. For instance, his friend Tyler is quick to blame others. Tanner’s relationship with Tyler may affect his reaction toward other children.

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Furthermore, interpersonal relationships may influence the way children interact. Children who spend more time with their parents would be more concerned about the well-being of their peers. Additionally, youngsters raised in a community that fosters a sense of belonging may be willing to share with others. For instance, Joe may be raised in a community-like setting that promotes such values. Hence, such upbringing may explain his eagerness to be helpful to others in preschool.

How do you think the gender of each child plays a role in his or her behavior?

As children develop, they become more aware of their gender identity. Both girls and boys develop a sense of who they are based on their biological traits. The growth can influence their social behavior and relationships with their peers. Similarly, the selected case study comprises four-year-olds who portray a high sense of identity. Such development appears to shape their behaviors in the childcare facility.

In my opinion, the gender of each child influences their degree of dominance. Often, boys may be associated with high levels of control. The behavior is reflected in the case study after Tyler shouts at Erica following the accident. On the other hand, girls are expected to be gentle and emotional. The aspect is portrayed in Erica’s behavior when she cries after Tanner confronts her.

Gender may also affect social relationships among children. As kids grow, they may become selective of their social groups. At the age of four years, youngsters may prefer to interact with peers of the same sex. In the case study, girls and boys appear to associate with friends with similar biological traits. An example is the relationship between Annie, Zada, Tyler, and Tanner. Overall, all the interactions are gender-based.

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