Teachers should focus on training students on ethical issues under FERPA and HIPPA. Educators are training future health care providers who will follow the same principles they learn when providing services and educating others. The primary goal of nursing students and professionals is to avoid “doing harm” in all caring situations. Although many ethical guidelines should be taught in nursing education, the concept of “Do no harm” is sufficient since it encompasses all the moral guidelines that support healthcare.

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The principle of “Do no harm” is at the core of ethical requirements in nursing and other medical disciplines. It is the minimum standard set for the practice to prevent any inadvertent harm to patients. The knowledge increases moral perception among learners to develop analytical and reflective skills necessary to provide proper care (Cannaerts, Gastmans, & Casterlé, 2014). This principle offers nursing students with the required knowledge and tools to relate to their patients and other caregivers. Besides, it helps them to understand the connection between the context and intervention, as well as the use of clinical knowledge and judgment to prevent a negative impact on the continuum of care. Although educators should teach other ethical principles, the concept of “Do no harm” covers the fundamental frameworks. For example, when the nurse commits to “Do no harm,” he or she will avoid any unethical action that might affect patient the patient negatively. They will safeguard patient privacy and confidentiality as required under FERPA and HIPPA and follow all other ethical requirements in therapeutic relationships.

Nursing educators should teach the principle of “Do no harm” as the foundation to understand and comply with all other ethical frameworks in health care. Nurses with such knowledge will understand the caregiving process and uphold high standards in minimizing harm and maximizing benefits to patients. The “Do no harm” ideal should form the basis for ethical teaching in nursing.

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