Scenario 1

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In today’s world, the ability to deliver a quality nursing care is used to define an organization’s efficiency at every level. However, quality care is developed through extensive studies, research, and upholding organizational rules and regulations, as well as using evidence-based practice in every workplace. In essence, textbooks are essential in introducing every concept of nursing to a trainee. However, it is through coursework texts that a nurse learns to interpret, engage, and envision knowledge into application. Consequently, reviewed literature is significant in further validating and sharpening the existing knowledge which is in turn used to generate new ideas. In addition, published articles are essential in that nurses use them to explain, predict, and describe particular diseases (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). On the other hand, hospital rules and regulations represent an organization’s beliefs which require every practitioner to act ethically and professionally. As a result, colleagues coexist selflessly, ensure to uphold the values and clarity of behavior, and also advocate professional ethics. Lastly, it is the actual practice that nurses learn how to apply evidence-based practice in their daily routines. Moreover, every professional’s intuition is developed as they practice through their career using logic. Also, in practice, nurses learn to become role models and mentors to other upcoming trainees.

A culture of safety refers to a core methodology through which every healthcare organization applies to ensure that protection is upheld during patient care by being efficient and timely. Essentially, Drew’s case establishes that his current preceptor does not support this culture which is beneficial to both the nurses and patients. Upholding safety within a hospital setting ensures that any adverse effects resulting from unnecessary errors are eliminated. Moreover, such a culture diminishes a space for compromise, time wastage, and any impending lawsuits (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). In fact, a hospital that upholds a culture of safety translates to a boosted morale among workers and job satisfaction. On the other hand, patients are protected from acquiring unnecessary infections due to unsafe care practices by their providers.

Drew’s concerns are worth reporting because by so doing he can prevent other registered nurses from compromising on the hospital’s policies and practicing in unsafe environments. Nonetheless, creating awareness within the hospital can help in protecting the safety of the patients. Under those premises, Drew can teach on the significance of properly disposing of waste, blood, and other body fluids, washing hands, and managing sharp objects amongst his colleagues. Nonetheless, to ensure that he is supported by patients, colleagues, and every hospital department, it is necessary to clarify his concerns through showing evidence and statistics which show that a safe setting translates to a caring environment.

In essence, providing healthcare within a quality environment has indeed resulted in significant changes within every hospital. In fact, due to quality care, patient experiences have become more satisfactory within health care settings. Concerning the Drew’s case, the organization he works for requires his skills in continuous quality improvement. In fact, it is in this position that he can spread awareness of the significance and control those patients and stakeholders contribute towards a successful hospital. Moreover, with his skills, Drew can introduce tested approaches that are essential in improving the quality and safety of the organization. Besides, he has a responsibility of incorporating evidence-based practice in every health care procedure as it ensures optimized delivery within all departments (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014).  Additionally, Drew is responsible for strategizing on the best ways of minimizing risk or harm to both the sick and their providers through establishing an efficient system and acting as a role model.

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Scenario 2

Substance abuse among nurses does not only entail alcohol or other known drugs. Some practitioners often take medications meant for their patients to satisfy their addiction. For example, a nurse can inject morphine, take sleeping pills, hallucinogens, and others. Nonetheless, citing from Lindsey’s case, it is not easy to realize if a colleague is engaged in such a practice. However, through behavioral change, an experienced professional can recognize and evaluate if a fellow work mate is abusing substances. Moreover, it becomes hard to report them for fear of reprisal (WSNA, 2016). Therefore, before reporting, it is critical that an individual record the changes one has seen in his or her colleagues to eliminate any doubt. In fact, the best documentable changes are related to excessive excuses that a co-worker should avoid taking as it will help in eliminating Lindsey’s addiction. Also, it is essential to watch out for diminished performance, an insistence of change in their assignment, endless excuses, and manipulation from Lindsey, while her patient’s safety is on the line.

It is worth noting that substance abuse does not only affect the addicted workmate, but also affects immediate family, the entire health care setting, and their friends. Concisely, an organization may lose patients due to diminished quality health care provision. On the other hand, Lindsey can lose her job which is the only source of income as well as compromise her health because of drug addiction (WSNA, 2016). Consequently, if Lindsey does not get the help she may succumb to an overdose of sedatives. In essence, the extended periods of substance abuse result in an elongated need to frequently use drugs.  Nonetheless, with proper rehabilitation and reconstruction, Lindsey’s addiction can be corrected, and she can resume her career as stipulated by nursing ethics

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