Applying for the MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management at Imperial College London

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Imperial College London

Dear Sir/Madam

I am applying for the MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management at Imperial College London. Kindly find the four critical areas that are necessary for demonstrating my suitability in studying at your institution.

Short-Term Goals

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Career development is a process that requires the proper setting of goals and undertaking of the relevant path. The desire to seek higher education should be compelled by the identified goals. It is my intention to undertake MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management at Imperial College London to enhance my career development. The acquisition of the master degree will pave the way for the realization of two short-term goals. My first short term goal after graduating is to expand my experience. Secondly, after completing the studies, I intend to go back at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, to work in the Strategic Planning & Evaluation Office. My goal is to work at the institute for 2 years and accumulate the relevant experience. The other short-term objective is to establish my own business. Having acquired the training and practical skills through the experience will be important in facilitating the management of my own business. The two working years are critically important, and I intend to develop the business plan and raise capital for the business. In fact, the business plan will assist to seek the funds from investors and banks. The goal is to have the business launched in the third years after graduation.

The Challenges in Achieving Career Goals and overcoming them

Understanding the challenges in the career development is important because it assists in the development of strategies to overcome them. The first challenge is the lack of experience in a foreign country. Studying at the Imperial College London is likely to be a challenge because my fellow students are likely to have come from all over the world; being the first time in such an environment the first weeks and months may not be easy. To overcome the challenge, strong interpersonal skills are required, including English proficiency, which will be an important aspect of communication and establishing friendship as well as relationships with fellow students.

The second challenge would involve the aspect of determining the elective units in the MSc course. The selection of the elective units is not an easy task. In fact, the wrong selection may hinder the realization of career objectives; hence, the knowledge and skills acquired in this case would be irrelevant. In the attempt to overcome the challenge, I would seek guidance from career development consultants, and search for more information from online sources. In addition, I would contact human resource manager at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research for guidance because he is an MSc graduate.

Long-Term Career Goals

The long-term career goals should be achieved through a number of steps and strategies. Indeed, those goals will take more years that the short-term goals. However, the long-term goals depend on the realization of short-term goals. My first goal, in this case, is to acquire a Ph.D. in management from one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom. Therefore, after acquiring the MSc from Imperial College London, I will have met the basic entry requirement to pursue my dream in acquiring a Ph.D.

In essence, adequate resources and experience in the relevant field would be required in acquiring a doctorate degree. The experience at the workplace after graduating with MSc is an important requirement. The success in my business is also an important factor because the income earned from the establishment will support my education, while at the same time seek sponsorship to complement my income. Another step to keep the goal realizable is having a well-established plan and the determination to realize the objectives. Therefore, the plan will provide a clear path to follow, while the determination will offer the courage to face the potential challenges. Lastly, I will seek constant guidance from Ph.D. holders and my supervisors to remain on track.

The Relevant Skills and Acquisition Level

It is immensely important to meet the minimum skill requirements in any field of interest. The career in strategic planning & evaluation requires specific skills. The first requirement is the strong analytical skills, which will enable me to interrelate the variables and factors affecting the operations and performance of the organization. The knowledge will assist in the development of strategies. The second requirement is the ability to process the organizational skills. The effective undertaking in the career would require an individual with the ability to organize the plans and implement them systematically. The third expectation from this the career is the effective communication, a situation that ensures that strong writing and grammatical skills are acquired. The individual pursuing the career should be able to provide coherent details in the plans and analytical documents they prepare. On the other hand, the parties using the information in the documents should understand the content. Lastly, interpersonal skills are vital in pursuing a career of this nature. In essence, working and relating to the people is inevitable; hence, a professional in this area should establish a healthy working relationship.

The training and work experience undergone over the years have given me the opportunity to acquire the identified skills. Working at Jiblah Holding Company as a senior investment analyst; and at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research in the Strategic Planning & Evaluation Office, facilitated the development of analytical skills. Through my career path, I have acquired the communication and interpersonal skills required. The proficiency in English in both written and spoken is a demonstration that I would be in a position to communicate effectively. In addition, during the training and at the workplace, I have always demonstrated effectiveness in relating to fellow students and colleagues.

I look forward to your positive response as you support me in realizing my career goals.

Yours Sincerely

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