Applying for a Course in Facilities Management: Admission Letter

Curiosity and willpower have always driven me towards successful and triumphant new encounters and experiences. I have always wanted to be competent in everything I do. Since time immemorial, nothing has been more fun than to create a picture in my mind and then be able to manifest its reality in the real world. Indeed, this is what drove me to study interior design for my bachelor, which saw me land a job in the real estate sector. At this stage in my life, I see going back to school to study facility management for higher education as a symbol of respecting myself and honoring what will work towards earning respect from other people. I am now thrilled to be applying for a course in Facilities Management in your highly esteemed university, which will enable me to blend the technical demands of building services with managerial responsibilities. In fact, taking a course in facilities management will enable me to become a competitive person in the field of real estate. My goal is that after graduating, I will be able to operate strategically, tactically, and operationally.

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My commitment to my education has always been strong. Therefore, I know that if I am admitted, I will be able to earn a concrete grade point and later graduate with the experience and skills needed to build my career in the real estate sector. My commitment to education is apparent; for instance, after graduating from Qatar International School in 2009, I joined various leadership and development programs. First, I worked at the Art day event for Dreemah, where I was the supervisor and assistant during the event and the Steering Committee for Qatar Career Fair in 2010, where I was awarded a certificate of appreciation just before my completion of the Academic Bridge Program. In addition, I participated in the CVUQ Ambassador Program and VCUQ Qatari Association, where I presided over the team. I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude to know that I have realized my career, and I am eager to take my competence and skills to a higher level through taking this course.

After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor degree in Interior design, I joined the real estate sector, where I have been dealing with property management and facility management. Indeed, it is in this occupation where my passion for facilities management was born. Working in the real estate has made me realize that facility must be considered to develop a perfect design. Therefore, I have come to appreciate that for me to be competitive and effective in the real estate sector, I should commence a course in Facilities Management.

Undertaking the Facilities Management course will enable me to explore how the buildings we live and work on are constructed and managed. It will also unleash my potential to understand and investigating the legitimate and economic constraints that influence our built environments. Besides, it will help me realize the dreams and aspirations that were inculcated in me by my father about being a respected person in society. Moreover, the course will assist me in understanding the nature in which the built space and the proficient control of non-core facilities influence the productivity of the enterprise, the safety and well-being of populations. I am confident that your program in Facilities Management will help me realize my full potential.                  

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