Application of 4P’s Marketing to Advanced Practice Nursing (APN)

As it is the case in other business ventures, the 4 P’s (product, price, place and promotion) concept of marketing plays a significant role to APN. Marketing entails all the activities initiated by APN in promoting their practice, profession, and ideas.

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Any entity offered to the market, either as a good or a service, is regarded as a product. The same case applies to APN. In the health sector, the APNs and the service they offer are the products (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy, & O’Grady, 2013). The care offered by the APNs is an important feature that adds value to their intended consumers. Therefore, considering professionals as a product assists the APN to offer the best value to the customer as nurse-driven care.


In many businesses, the prices assigned to the products help the consumers to make decisions, regarding the product. The cost of healthcare services has increased in the U.S. over he past decades, affecting many prospective patients. The APN utilizes this opportunity by offering high-level care at minimal prices (Rambur, 2015). The APNs achieves this initiative by providing tests, such as HIV tests, cholesterol tests, and blood pressure among other tests at minimum or no cost. Hence, this strategy increases the patients’ awareness of APNs services.

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Places, where the products are accessed, play a very significant role. Usually, patients used to visit a hospital set up to access APN services. Today, technology has improved the accessibility of the services between the patients and APNs (Montoya & Kimball, 2012). Hence, patients can access medical services from the APNs virtually. In this case, the health providers not limited by space or distance when attending to their clients.


Promotion is a process used to communicate the product’s value to consumers. APNs promote their products by educating and creating awareness to the patients (Montoya & Kimball, 2012, p191). APNs may use specified campaigns to promote their services. All these promotional strategies are initiated to create awareness to the public as the APNs sell their products. The market mix concept has helped in marketing APNs to the clients, especially when the patients are aware of the services offered by the APNs.

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