A Step-by-Step Jogging Plan

Jogging is one of my regular tasks every morning. I perform the activity to remain fit and healthy. It involves considerable planning to be ready and relaxed. I require comfortable attire to prevent discomfort that might affect my performance. In addition, I take enough water to avoid dehydration and set my watch to monitor the time taken for the entire activity. I have completed a description of my efforts, before and after, to reduce the amount of time I need for each step.

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  1. How many steps did it take you to complete the activity?

It took six steps to prepare for the jog. I had to sleep and wake up early to complete the activity before the sun rises. I usually start preparing at 5.45 am and begin the actual task at 6.00 am. Preparation involves dressing up comfortably, packing my water bottle, and putting on the watch.  

  1. What time did each step take and how much time was delayed between steps?

Comparing the time between two days of jogging, I realize that I can save more time if I prepare the required items before going to bed.

  1. What was the average time between steps?

The question is not applicable in my case because the activity is not a step-wise task, such as preparing a meal, where I would move from one step to the next in a particular order.

  1. What was the average time each attempt took?

It took me 15 minutes to prepare for the jog for the first time and only 5 minutes during the second attempt. As a result, I saved 10 minutes from the time I woke up to the time I left the house for jogging. The first attempt took an average of 1.5 times, while the second instance took only 0.5 times.

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  1. Differentiate the main actions between doing and improving your activities.

The first time I went for jogging, I was not aware that I could save more time by preparing my activities before going to bed. When I wake up, I only dress up and pick the items I need and leave the house.

  1. Determine the overall manner in which variation has affected your activities.

The variation has affected my activity by saving 10 minutes that I would use for a different activity.

  1. Overall, how much time were you able to cut down on when engaging in the same activity while implementing the new changes?

I saved 10 minutes.

Name of Activity: Preparing for Jog   


STEP Time (1st attempt) Time (2nd attempt) Difference
Step 1: Finding a comfortable attire 4 minutes 0 minutes

Preparing the attire before going to bed

4-minute reduction
Step 2: Putting on jogging clothes 4 minutes 2 minutes

Preparing the clothes and hanging them

2-minute difference
Step 3: Putting on jogging shoes 2 minutes 1 minute

Preparing my shoes before going to bed

1-minutes difference
Step 4: Putting on my watch 1 minute 1 minute

Putting on my watch

0-minute reduction
Step 5: Putting water in my bottle 2 minutes 0 minutes

Putting water in the bottle before going to bed

2-minute reduction
Step 6: Leaving the house and shutting the door   2 minutes 1 minute

Increasing speed while leaving the room and shutting the door

1-minute reduction
Total time 15 minutes total 5 minutes 10 minutes


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