What is the Meaning of a Follower?

The Meaning of a Follower

A follower is a person who admires and follows another individual which he/she considers a mentor or a leader in a workplace set up. Indeed, he/she follows what other people say. According to the article, a follower is a person who shares a common purpose with the leader and dedicated to what an organization is set to accomplish. A follower is the steward of an organization’s resources whom they can depend on to accomplish their goals. Followers recognize their leader’s vision and aspirations by giving their leaders all the support they require because they motivate and inspire them. The follower is not dependent, but he is interdependent, an aspect that adds value to both the leader and the follower.

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Why Leaders Need Followers

Leaders need followers to achieve their set goals in a given time. The followers act as a motivation to their leader and they push him to work harder because he has a responsibility to meet. A leader needs followers with whom they can formulate and redefine the purpose or a given goal together. In fact, leaders need followers who will amplify their strengths and modulate their weaknesses. In this aspect, leaders will accomplish their tasks because they have assistance and motivation they require.

Example of a Courageous Follower

As a courageous follower, one is expected to assume their responsibilities and those of the organization. I would describe myself as a courageous follower, especially when I got my first job as an intern. The leader taught me how to handle new and existing clients. Initially, I was nervous and inept in initiating the client interaction. It happened that one afternoon, I was left to attend to the clients, and I received a new client who needed an explanation of the products and services. I was able to follow what the leader had taught me. First, I was able to create the need for my client. In this approach, I could identify my client’s “hot button” just as my role model would have done. After the presentation, I closed the deal by offering the right product that my client required.   

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