What is the HR Profession Map?


CIPD’s HR Profession Map sets knowledge, activities, and behaviors required for the achievement of success. It sets out the required standards for HR professionals worldwide by defining the prerequisites of a great HR, diagnosing areas of improvement and success, building HR capabilities, and recognizing achievement through professional membership and qualification.

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Design Principles

The Map was developed under various design principles. The first principle is that it gives an insight into what a professional needs to do, know, and how to do it according to the requirement of each professional area stipulated in the four bands of professional competence. It covers technical elements of professional competence and behaviors required in HR. In addition, it is organized in the areas of professional competence as opposed to organizational structures, roles, or job levels. Still, the professional map of HR will discuss the breadth and depth of the profession from small to large firms, local to global, traditional to progression, corporate to consulting, fundamental to complicated practice, and charity to the public sector. Finally, the HR professional Map has the versatility to be implemented in part or viewed as a whole, with the fundamental professional areas acting as the crucial or relevant center.

Professional Areas

The Map consists of ten professional areas. The area covers ‘Strategy, Insights, and Solutions’ which requires understanding the business operations and any changes arising from the impact of those operations. In addition, it calls for understanding what and how the functions of HR contribute to the achievement of the business goals. The professional area of ‘Leading and managing’ entails understanding the requirements of the business, which are fundamental in creating the values within a reputable, robust, and fully engaged HR team function. Other professional areas in the HR professional Map include Organizational Design, Resourcing and Talent Planning, Organizational Development, Learning and Talent Developing, Employee Engagement, Performance and Reward, Service Delivery and Information, and Employee Relations.


In addition, the HR professional Map consists of eight behaviors that fall into three clusters, including Stewardship, Insights and influences, and operational excellence. Under the insight and influences, there is the ‘Curious behavior,’ which entails looking at the wider influence of the business, networking to broaden the required knowledge, and being updated with the evolving trends of current affairs. Decisive thinking also falls under the required behavior, and it is about being consistent and clear with precise information and the ability to justify the decisions made. Next, there is ‘Skilled Influence,’ which entails the ability to gain commitment and influence the team with logical suggestions. Within the operational Excellence, there is a ‘Driven to deliver’, which necessitates setting clear and concise targets and how to achieve them within the stipulated time. Courage to Challenge calls for confidence and courage when speaking and challenging others or confronting resistance and unfamiliar situations. In addition, Collaborative behavior in the HR professional Map will assist the manager in working inclusively and effectively with different individuals within the organization and outside. Finally, being ‘Personally credible,’ requires professionalism and HR skills to bring value to peers, stakeholders, and the organization. Under stewardship, role modeling calls for guidance and leading by example. It also entails impartiality, independence, integrity, balancing organization, personal, and legal parameters.


The four bands define the contribution that HR makes at every stage of the career. They tackle the relationship between HR and clients. The bands focus on the activities performed by the professionals, indicate where the professionals spend their time, emphasis the services provided by the professionals to the clients, and how the success and contribution of the HR professional is measured. In essence, band two advice on the HR-related issues concerning the team or an individual. It establishes a clear understanding of the solutions available and the evaluation process. The process is essential for HR because it gives a clear pathway of what is required and assists the HR professionals in focusing on the solutions available to develop and plan activities.

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