The Weirdest Water Law in Arizona

Denying an individual a glass of water is unlawful in Arizona. During the summer period, temperatures in this part of the world shoot up to 120 degrees Celsius; hence, people will require water to quench their thirst. Surprisingly, many people will not have sufficient resources to purchase a bottle of water, a situation that necessitated the introduction of this law. In our contemporary times, this law has been implemented, seeing various businesses and corporations being sued, and heavily penalized (The Dump Network, 2016).

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In fact, I find this law rather bizarre, because the most common criminal offences include murder, stealing, drug trafficking, and rape, among other heinous acts. Serving a jail term or being heavily fined because of declining to offer a glass of water to an individual is strange and unacceptable. Although a people without money and in a dire need of water may have their life threatened if this precious commodity is not offered. However, no one should be forced to give freely a commodity that is otherwise supposed to be sold. It is worth noting that not all people are born altruistic. Therefore, they should not be forced to be philanthropies. In addition, people living within the same society do not automatically hold the same values and attributes (, 2016). Having this in mind, people should reconsider their complaint about a glass of water before taking their time and that of the officers as well as other personnel in the judicial system. Even in critical scenarios where an individual may be dying of thirst, the Arizonian law should not criminalize an onlooker for declining to offer water to any person.


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