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Pollution is one of the worst problems affecting the world today. Pollution is emanating from different sources and affects various elements that are critical for the survival of the living organisms, including human beings. Air and water pollution is one of the most common elements that bring a serious impact on the earth. Some of the fatal diseases in the world today, including cancer, are as a result of the widespread pollution of the environment and the atmosphere. Different types of cancer are blamed for millions of deaths in the world every year. Most of the deaths result from arsenic poisoning, basically from pollution. Cleaning the environment from the pollution and contamination can go a long way in saving the millions of lives lost every year as a function of pollution. Therefore, it is from such a perspective that an innovative technology is proposed, which would be able to attract and bind pollutants, like a magnet would do, such that there are no pollutants left in air or water.

The Target Pollutant

Air pollution is one of the greatest problems in the world today. The pollution is caused by emissions, the concept used in reference to the particles and gases that come from diverse sources and later emitted into the air. The emissions come in different types and amounts and have differing effects on the environment and the living organisms. The changes in the emissions depend on the level of the economy of the society. The developed industrialized economies are responsible for greater emissions compared to the less developed and industrialized economies. Among the emissions are the electromagnetic radiations, which besides coming naturally from the sun have many other artificial sources (Kerker, 2016). The emissions move through the air and are absorbed by the cells or molecules of the living organisms depending on the power and frequency.  These emissions, as a result, create some level of damage to the body, again, depending on their magnitude.

One of the main causes of environmental pollution is the emissions from industrial and other processes that involve the emission of electromagnetic radiations. Worth noting is that the electromagnetic radiations are the electromagnet field’s waves that radiate through space. The waves move while holding the electromagnetic radiant energy. In fact, electromagnetic waves are contained within the electromagnetic radiation with synchronization of magnetic and electric fields. The movement of the waves is at the speed that light would move through a vacuum (Kerker, 2016). These waves are normally generated if there is an acceleration of charged particles. Consequently, there could be an interaction of the waves with the particles that are charged. There are electromagnetic waves that are free to propagate themselves, which are the ones associated with electromagnetic radiation.

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Previous studies have indicated that the electromagnetic radiations have a serious impact on biological organisms. However, the effect is dependent on the frequency and power of the radiations. The non-ionizing radiations have low frequencies. They include microwaves visible light, infrared, and radio waves. The reason they are given the name is because their protons, on their own, lack sufficient energy for ionizing molecules or atoms. The radiations have an impact on the biological organisms because of the heating impact emanating from the blending of a number of protons from different sources. On the other hand, there is the ionizing radiation, which includes the X-rays, high ultraviolet, and gamma rays. The radiation is known as such because the single proton has sufficient energy for the ionizing effect (Kerker, 2016).  The radiation has the capacity to render a chemical reaction with the ability to destroy the cells of living organisms resulting in health danger.

Bioelectromagnetics refers to the research on the impact electromagnetic radiation has on biological organisms. Given the reality that the impact of the radiation is dependent on the power and frequency of the radiation, the low-frequency radiations do not have a massive effect. The impact of the radiations is only those that emanate from their power. Heating causes the impact through absorption of the radiation. Frequency only flows out because it assists the radiation to penetrate the cells of the living organism. Regardless of the commonly accepted findings, there are results that have indicated that the nonthermal electromagnetic fields, which are weaker, have an impact on the health of the living organisms. Cancer is one of the main effects on the health of living organisms due to electromagnetic radiations. Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation has been grouped by the World Health Organization (Kerker, 2016). In this case, the first group is Group 2B, which indicates that the matter is potentially carcinogenic.

Besides the low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, there are those of higher frequencies (visible and beyond). With this radiation, the effect on the cells of a living organism is possible even with the action of a single proton. Hence, the impact is much more instantaneous and huge. The fact is that the energy contained in the radiation is massive and can cause serious damage to the cell of the living organism. The WHO classification for the radiation is Group 1 carcinogens. For example, the UV radiation that comes from the visible light has the potential for causing skin cancer. Hence, the frequencies of the UV and other higher electromagnetic radiations have the potential for causing greater damage to the living organisms as generally believed (Kerker, 2016). At energy levels, the radiations have the potential for causing severe damage to life. From this point of view, the lives on the earth have the potential for being destroyed because of the electromagnetic radiations that are emitted into the air.

Each day, massive electromagnetic radiations are emitted into the air because of different processes and activities that radiate them. Radio and microwave are one of the electromagnetic radiations that are moving in different directions through the air. The electromagnetic radiations are emitted from electrical conductors among other electrical appliances. Infrared are another group which is normally reflected by metals just like radio and microwave. Visible light from the sun is the cause of UV radiations. Whenever an electrical process is taking place, there is always the possibility of the electromagnetic radiations being emitted. Hence, whenever an electrical device is being manufactured or used, there is the danger of the electromagnetic radiations being radiated into the air (Kerker, 2016). The radiations are emitted from as simple activities as the use of the electronic devices, such as the microwave oven, in the house. They are also emitted during industrial processes in the production of various appliances. Hence, it is evident that the danger of these radiations to human lives is huge.

The Idea Behind the Pollution Magnet

The technology behind the magnet would work in the same manner as the conventional magnet. The primary goal is to attract the target pollutants such that they are bound to the magnet. The magnet is an object with a magnetic field used for attracting other objects, including pieces of steel, iron, nickel, and cobalt. During the initial days of the production of the magnets, it was a discovery by the Greeks (Mattis, 2012). At the time, they realized that it as possible for iron to be attracted by naturally occurring “lodestone.” From then on, the journey towards the discovery of the magnet started. Currently, the production of the magnets has become common, and they come in diverse sizes and shapes. The bar magnet is the most common type of magnet, and it is used for attracting ferrous materials. Another common type is the magnetic compass needle, which is a miniature magnet which is fixed on a pivot to move freely horizontally. One of the ends of the magnet is pointing to the North (North Pole) while the other one points to the opposite direction, South (South Pole).

The principle behind the use of the magnet is that the unlike poles attract each other while the unlike poles repel. There is also the magnetic field, the space that surrounds the magnet. It is within the magnetic field that the magnetic force has an effect on the objects that it attracts. The magnetic field is created when, in a wire, the current flows. From the perspective, it has been argued that the magnetic field is created by the movement of the magnetic charges. In any event that the north magnetic pole is put within the field that the magnet creates, a force is felt. The influence of the magnetic field allows the North Pole to move in any case that it is free (Mattis, 2012). The magnetic line of force is the line along which this movement occurs. In fact, the idea behind the working of the magnet is that it has the power to attract the materials that are magnetic in nature and binds them to itself.

Magnet for Electromagnetic Radiations

One of the greatest questions, in this case, is if there could be a way for the electromagnetic radiations to be captured and destroyed before they cause any impact on the health of the living organisms. Secondly, it regards the aspects of whether there could be a magnet with the potential for standing between the electromagnetic radiation and the cells of the living organisms. Such is the magnet proposed to address the problem caused by this pollutant in the environment and on the life on earth. Such a magnet has been used in the past to remove pollutants from water. The household magnet would be used as a blend of oil and lye to draw rust particles from the water making it safer for home use. The rust-covered magnet would be inserted in a container of contaminated water (Qu, Alvarez & Li, 2013). On pulling it out, it would remove the arsenic. The use of the magnet has been revealed to perform a better job compared to the conventional methods of cleaning water of the pollutants. Because of the fact that it does not use electrical processes, it becomes very safe to the environment.

However, while the method works in removing the pollutants from the water, it cannot be used on a large scale in cleaning off the polluting agents from the environment. Hence, this is the rationale for the proposal of a more large-scale magnet for cleaning the air off electromagnetic radiations to make it safer for human life. The proposal is to come up with a magnetic system that has the capability of attracting the electronic radiations as soon as they are radiated from the source to prevent them from being absorbed by the cells of the living organisms. The proposed magnetic system will have a wider magnetic field to make sure that it attracts as much of the radiations as possible. Whenever the electromagnetic radiations are emitted, the system will be such that it has the magnetic power to attract them. This way, they will not have the chance to move through the air to cause any damage to the human cells (Singh et al., 2014). Once the radiations are bound to the magnet, there will be no way of escaping back into the environment.

Use of the Magnet

The magnet will be used in different avenues to prevent the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms including humans. One of the avenues for their use will be at home. The household will purchase the magnet for use in the house because the house has many electronic devices that are known to emit electromagnetic radiations. From the microwave oven to refrigerators to cookers to other electronic devices and appliances, the house has numerous sources of electromagnetic radiations. The magnet will have a large magnetic field such that it covers the whole house to ensure that all the waves are attracted towards it. The attractive functioning of the magnet will ensure that the radiations move towards the magnet and do not impact on any other living organism in or around the house (Yuan et al., 2014). The magnet will play a critical role in preventing the emission of waves that could be passed to the living organisms when the radiations are absorbed by their cells.

Another application of the magnets is the industrial level to prevent the damage of the massive electromagnetic radiations emitted at this level. Most of the industrial processes are responsible for the radiation of the electromagnetic radiations. The magnet, therefore, will play an important role in capturing the radiations before they are emitted into the air. The magnets will need to be stronger and more powerful compared to those designed for home use because of the massive nature of the emissions at the industrial level (Singh et al., 2014). Depending on the size of the factory, industry or manufacturing plant, the desirable magnet will be placed within the premise to capture the radiations. Every operator of the plant will be required by the government and other regulatory bodies to have in place the magnet for the purpose of protecting the environment and the living organisms. Just like in the household, the attractive character of the magnet will prevent the radiations from escaping into the air.

The Impact of the Magnet

The world is spending billions of dollars for the treatment of different types of cancer. Despite the use of these resources, millions of people are dying every year because of this epidemic. Hence, it would be beneficial if there is a mechanism in place for preventing the proliferation of cancers. It would be valuable to have in place a form of mechanism to prevent the common carcinogens from penetrating the bodies of the human beings. Most of the carcinogens move through the air, especially the electromagnetic radiations. Hence, if there is means of standing between the carcinogens and the cells of the living organisms, huge steps will have been made towards preventing cancer (Yuan et al., 2014). Previous research has indicated that treatment for cancers is complex and yield minimal positive results. Hence, prevention would be the best possible solution to saving the world from the cancer disaster. The world is suffering because of what has come to be considered a global epidemic.

Destruction of the environment is a serious issue that can be addressed through capturing and destroying the electromagnetic radiations before they are transmitted into the atmosphere. It has been hypothesized that the world is receiving greater UV light than it was the case years back because of the continued depletion of the ozone layer. The UV light radiation is the cause of serious health problems including skin cancers, damage to the eye and the skin among other body cells (Yuan et al., 2014). The problem is made worse by the other radiations that emanate from the artificial sources both at home and at the industrial level. Hence, any potential for reducing the radiations has a positive impact on the environment and the lives of the living organisms. The impact on the local and the global level of using the magnet is evident as experts continue to present evidence of the health issues associated with electromagnetic radiations. Therefore, it is critical that the magnet is adopted at the global level to ensure that the whole world experiences the positive impact of the innovation.

The government should take up the initiative of ensuring compliance with the use of the magnet for the purpose of changing the world. The system should have the global reach within a few years because when radiations are released, they pose a great danger to the living organisms globally. The method is the most effective way of saving the world from the menace of electromagnetic radiations. In fact, it is the pioneering mechanism for ensuring that the radiations are not escaping into the atmosphere once they are released from the electronic and other appliances and devices (Shen et al., 2013). Hence, given the reality that these appliances and devices have become an important part of the human life, it is timely to have in place a mechanism for ensuring that the same systems that are developed to make work easier is causing damage to human life on the earth. There is no government across the world that would not be interested in the adoption of the solution to the problems. Many interest groups would be prepared to invest in the solution.

The magnet can also play an important role as a source of important data on the amount of radiations in a particular region. The reality is that the magnet captures the electromagnetic waves, which can be used in the analysis of the rate of emissions in a region where it is in use. Such information could be critical in policy making and in supporting further investigations of the electromagnetic radiation, based on the region, for the purpose of designing more effective ways of cutting on the radiations (Shen et al., 2013). This can play a critical role in establishing more effective solutions for destroying the electromagnetic waves to prevent more damage on the environment and the cells of the living organisms. Globally, there is need for coming up with solutions to the environmental damage, which is the outcry of individuals, governments, NGOs and many other interest groups. In the event that another solution to work alongside the magnet is devised, the problem will be more effectively and efficiently addressed.


The world is currently soaking in pollutants that are moving through the air and water. The problem has become so critical that solutions are being designed across the world. Carbon emissions are the target for most of the solutions that are in place today. However, there is an even greater problem affecting the world, the emission of electromagnetic radiation into the air. The electromagnetic radiations are the main cause of serious health problems, including various types of cancer. Cancer is claiming millions of individuals’ lives every year across the world. The condition is also responsible for the use of billions of dollars. Hence, a solution that could help in reducing the emission of electromagnetic radiations into the air is critical. This is the rationale behind the proposal for designing the magnet for attracting and destroying the electromagnetic radiations. The magnet would be used in the homes and at the industrial level to stand in between the radiations and the cells of the living organisms which they tend to destroy. Adoption of the technology across the world will play an important role in dealing with the global epidemic.

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