The Kinesthetic Learning Preference


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Learning is only effective where the teaching plan is matched to the learning preferences of the learners. The plan outlined in this paper is founded on the Kinesthetic learning preference. Those who use this learning preference prefer a physical, “hands-on” experience. Thus, the plan involves the use of a model of the environment within which the proposed system will be used, where the learner will have the chance to ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ the system, and its effectiveness in achieving success in an undergraduate program.


The Teaching Plan

A learning plan requires that the mentor understands the capabilities, skills, and knowledge identified as a learning gap in a needs analysis. The next step should be to understand the students and their learning styles and preferences. The learners will succeed or fail based on the style used in teaching them; hence, explaining the need to match the learners to their learning style (Ocepek et al., 2013). The following teaching plan is for students that exhibit a Kinesthetic learning preference.

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The plan includes a learning process where the learners will be trained in a physical and practical environment. Based on this style of learning, the learners prefer a physical, “hands-on” experience. Thus, the plan will include a training session where the undergraduate will be given a model of the environment within which they will be working. The training is aimed at introducing a new electronic system for online learning (Deborah, Baskaran & Kannan, 2014). The trainer will ensure that the system is in place before the training process begins. All the members of the team will have a feel of the system to be trained on how it works.

Once the system is complete, all the members of the team will try, test and ‘fiddle’ with it until they adequately explore it and can use it effectively. The planned training process will allow the team to identify the areas where the system is operational and the areas, which require improvement for the system to achieve the objectives and success expected for the learners (Ocepek et al., 2013). The plan will include a checklist of the things to look out for in the new system and a real-life online class that they will process to show mastery of the required skills and capabilities. The effectiveness of the model is informed by the fact that the learners will learn as they practice.

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