The Current State of the US-Iran Relations

The United States and Iran began their diplomatic relations in the 19th Century. However, the association between the two nations has been deteriorating, especially after the prime minister of Iran was overthrown from power in a coup. The relationship worsened after the Iranian authorities raided the US Embassy and took Americans hostage, making the United States disregard the diplomatic ties with Iran. Therefore, to understand the nature of US-Iran relations, it is imperative to discuss the factors underlying the diplomatic animosity existing between the two nations.

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Over the years, the United States has constantly accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons, a claim that Iranian authorities continued to deny. The government of Iran stated that its nuclear plant was for energy purposes. Additionally, the US claims that Iran continues to violate human rights and support terrorism. Subsequently, America, China, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, and France imposed sanctions against Iran, which made the nation experience hard economic times (McCutcheon 219). As a result, Iran agreed to abandon its nuclear program as well as the production of nuclear weapons for a decade, thus, leading to the lifting of sanctions. 

In fact, both nations are suspicious of each other; for instance, US accused Iran of being involved in a cyber-attack on the government entities, a situation that led to new sanctions against Iran. Therefore, due to the uncertain relationship between the two republics, none of the nation has an embassy in either country (McCutcheon 221). In that case, the US interests in Iran are represented through the Pakistan Embassy, while those of Iran are channeled through the Switzerland Embassy.

It is worth noting that the relationship between America and Iran has continued to worsen over the years. The US has accused Iran of human rights violations, supporting terrorism, and developing nuclear weapons, which led to sanctions against Iran. As a result, Iran suffered hard economic times, hence, agreeing to abandon its nuclear program. However, the US has recently suspected Iran of an involvement in a cyber-attack on America, thus leading to new sanctions. However, with the talks and international relations between both countries, there is hope that Iran and the U.S. might co-exist peacefully in the future.


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