The Concept of Justice, Harmony, and Virtue

Justice, harmony, and virtue are fundamental aspects because they measure the stability of the society. When people in the society have virtues, they will be mindful of their actions, which in turn bring justice and harmony. The rationale for this paper is to provide a persuasive discussion on the concept and importance of the justice, harmony, and virtue, in the society.

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The Concept of Justice

Justice can be defined as an action that is taken according to the requirements of a particular law.  Rawl stated that justice is supposed to be the first virtue of any social institution (20). Indeed, Justice is a fundamental aspect because it is the foundation of a stable society. In addition, Justice promotes interdependence and equal dignity in the society. The concept of social justice has its roots in the Renaissance period. In fact, the theory of social justice indicates that each person possesses the ability to be fair to the others in the society. Therefore, justice is only said to be practiced when people who have passed through the system comment positively about the system. For us to claim that there is justice in the society, we should consider taking part in accommodating others. Firstly, we should respect the rights of other members of the society. Secondly, we should ensure that the right policies that safeguard human rights are implemented effectively by the public agencies, a situation that will ensure that people get what they deserve.

The theory of justice is strongly supported by the merit theory, which determines how people in the society will be punished or rewarded based on their conduct. The theory also gets support from the need theory, which states that individuals in the society should help the needy. The justice theory has two main supporting principles. The first one is the principle of liberty, which indicates that each person in the society has an equal right to the basic privileges and freedoms granted in their culture. For instance, there is the right to vote, freedom of thought, freedom of association, and the freedom of conscience. Secondly, there is the principle of difference, which requires that all economic inequalities in the society be addressed. Hence, observing the two principles will help the needy in the society. Justice in the society is characterized by having respect for other people, demonstration self-love, and self-knowledge. Hence, individuals understand that the choices they make have consequences.

Justice can be measured through various human feelings. When a society believes that the authorities are concerned about their welfare and their needs, then they will feel that justice has been served. Thus, people usually examine the procedures of judgment to see whether they have been treated fairly or not. Rawl developed the concept of justice from the idea that individuals in the society are free and equal (48).

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Types of justice

There are three kinds of justice. First, there is distributive justice, which occurs when resources in the society are dispersed fairly. Second, there is corrective justice, which occurs when punishments that are given are fair and relevant to the mistake that has been committed. Third, there is compensatory justice, which occurs when people are fairly rewarded for the injuries that they sustained (Rawl 50). In essence, justice in the society is governed by the elements of equality and equity. Any society has a moral obligation to act in a just manner by distributing resources equally, respecting the rights of the people, and respecting the morally acceptable laws in the society.

 The Concept of Harmony

Harmony is a situation where different things in a particular set up work together. The concept of social harmony was introduced in China by Confucius. He came up with the philosophy, which advocated for a situation that would close or decrease the social gap between the rich and the poor. Harmony is usually characterized by elements of dialogue, tolerance, co-existence, and development. Therefore, in any harmonious society, there is the interaction between different people who communicate and tolerate different ideas. In that setup, the people can work together, a situation that brings development in the society. In a harmonious society, different people live as one unit where people respect and appreciate the diverse opinions from different people.

Harmony encourages different people to live together and describes how they are supposed to act in the society. When different people come and live together, they are supposed to respect their differences for harmony to reign supreme. Thus, harmony helps in interactions between people from different cultural backgrounds. Confucius indicates that any harmonious relationship will promote and limit the growth of the people in the society. In fact, the harmonious relationship is governed by manners and ethics observed by the people. Harmony can only be achieved when people strive to demonstrate disciplined lives through harmony and unity. In addition, harmony allows individuals to live in peace with each other, a situation that gives room for growth and development. Finally, it is worth noting that there are five great relationships that must be respected in to enhance harmony. The relationships between the father and the son, the elder brother and the younger brother, the husband and the wife, the elder and the younger, as well as the ruler and the subject.

Types of harmony

The first one is the genuine harmony, which is demonstrated when individuals in the society have sincere relationships. Secondly, there is the surface harmony, which supports hidden conflicts in the society. In fact, social harmony can be exercised by the power over oneself and not over other people. It can also be achieved by striking a balance between the extremes of the society. Lastly, it can be achieved through training of the correct behavior, attitude, and wisdom among the members. In that approach, the members will have the knowledge, which will assist them to act rationally in specific circumstances (Wang 45).

According to Confucius, the biggest problem affecting humanity is how to achieve the social harmony. When people understand their position in the society, they become motivated to play their part, a situation that encourages social harmony. In essence, to cultivate a harmonious living, virtues and wisdom that accommodate the differences of other people should be encouraged among the members of the society.

The Concept of Virtue

The concept of virtue refers to any behavior that demonstrate high moral standards. In fact, it is the ability to own good qualities. A virtuous person is someone who lives an honorable life in the society. Any society must have virtues that form the values and shape the behavior of the people. When a society has virtues, it will be a better society compared to a rigid culture that is directed by laws and punishments. According to Aristotle, there are two kinds of virtues, including intellectual and ethical virtues. Intellectual virtue originates from the soul and engages an individual in reasoning. On the other hand, the ethical virtue comes from our habits, which dictate the necessary feelings. The moral virtues have to do with how one feels about his/her choices, while the intellectual virtue is nurtured through various kinds of teachings. All people are born with the ability to develop virtues. Our virtues are usually seen through our choices. The best way to measure any moral judgment is through the choices we make (Sim 30).

A person must be accountable to the virtues. It enables one to balance between their self-interest and the interest of other people. Firstly, virtues help people to achieve ultimate happiness, which lies in our actions. Secondly, they help individuals to live a dignified life and, therefore, become respected members of the society. The main milestone of having a virtuous society is when there is a lack of a common standard of morality and lack of self-governance in the society. Therefore, all virtues have the same values and essential qualities, which enable people to have a successful life

As evident from the analysis, if society has values, it will shape the behavior of its members. Eventually, virtues will lead people to act with wisdom and make informed choices. The choices made will affect the dispensation of justice and eventually the harmony will be cultivated. When virtues combine with justice and harmony, there is the social stability in the society which brings growth and development.

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