Sir James Dyson: Learning to Achieve Success

Freedom and Learning

In learning, giving people the freedom and opportunity to make mistakes is crucial since it plays a fundamental role in letting them learn from their errors and rectify them. Allowing individuals to make mistakes helps them learn as they can think independently, encouraging creativity. Giving people the opportunity and freedom to make mistakes can significantly improve their performance since they are to acquire new ways of solving problems (Nelson and Quick, 2013). When people learn from their failures, they get confidence, which helps them to do things better than they would have.

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In my view, the guidance that James Dyson would give college graduates is that they should not always go for what they studied in college but also venture into new occupations that they have no training or experience. As a graduate, you should learn to think independently without the fear of failure. In fact, mistakes should not demotivate an individual but should make him/her to push a little harder. Lastly, Dyson would counsel them to learn from their mistakes and make the best out of them.

In addition, Dyson would advise those in charge of training to give people the freedom to make mistakes, thus giving them a chance to learn from the same (Nelson & Quick, 2013). The supervisor should let his juniors think independently, as this will improve their creativity. Dyson would also instruct the manager not to trust the experience of his or her trainees but let them bring innovative ways of doing things, thus, making them confident in their work.

Smart Phones: Promoting Communication Connectedness or Disconnectedness

Smartphone usage has affected the basic interpersonal communication in several ways. Firstly, people no longer engage in face-to-face interaction since they prefer communicating through calling and or texting. Through these modes of communication, people do not experience the facial expression or emotions of the other persons, a situation that makes people unreliable with information (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Smartphones have created incivility amongst friends and family since they only communicate using these gadgets. However, smartphone usage has improved the speed at which information is delivered since people can transmit information much faster.

Smartphones have transformed how people do their business and fulfill their job responsibilities in several ways. Firstly, the business people can read and reply to emails at any time or place. They can search for any information they need instantly using their smartphones. Due to their portability, business people rarely use their laptops and operate their businesses solely on their smartphones (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Using the cellular technology, people can communicate and reply to all business related queries through the devices. Therefore, we see that the smartphones have completely revolutionized the business operations.

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In colleges, smartphones have transformed the way students communicate with each other. As such, texting has become the most dominant mode of communication since students consider it a more effective way of interacting (Lenhart, 2012). However, it has shortcomings, as the students tend to text when it is inappropriate, especially during class hours. Therefore, the interruption from those gadgets may affect their concentration in class.

Due to the advancement of expertise, people have become more connected technologically and disconnected interpersonally. In fact, people rarely meet since they prefer chatting through their smartphones, while most of the communication is done through the email and social media. Nowadays, people rarely call each other; instead, they text more, a situation that encourages more interpersonal disconnect amongst families and friends.



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