Process Recording Foundation

The first section is for introducing the client. Please include the following information:

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Agency Information:

The name of the agency is Angles home

Client information (confidentiality of course)

Miss Trudy is used anonymously to replace the client’s name in conformity with the principle of confidentiality to protect the client’s identity as required in social work.

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Session Number


Presenting Issue (reason for referral)

Near homelessness

Relevant Information 

Miss Trudy is 28 years old. She has worked in a small clothing company that shut down during the pandemic because of economic factors. Miss Trudy has been unemployed for nearly one and a half years and can barely pay her rent with the little savings made during her stay at the company. Miss Trudy recently received an eviction warning and is concerned that she will soon have to live in her car or on the streets because she cannot afford permanent housing.

Goal of Session

1.      Client Goal

The client’s goal is to overcome the threat of near homelessness and find permanent housing.

2.      Your Goal

My goal as a social worker is to counsel and offer rent assistance and employment search assistance to Miss Trudy to ensure she has sustainable and permanent housing to beat the pervasive Issue of homelessness.


Please group dialogue together.

Identify (for each section)

1.      Theory

2.      Tools

3.      Skills

Analysis/assessment of dialogue

What was going on?  What were the patient’s reactions to your feedback?  How did the client respond verbally (quality of voice, tone, did they respond better to closed or open-ended questions?) How did the client respond non-verbally (how did you know they were listening? were they distracted? Did they welcome your feedback?)

Personal reactions and self-reflection to the interaction

What were you thinking?  How do you feel the session went?  What could you have done better?  What will you do differently/the same next time?


Client-Social worker dialogue


Social worker: Hello, Miss Trudy. My name is X, and I am a social worker at the Angle agency. I will be handling your case, so kindly feel free to share as much as possible to help work together and solve the current problem. Before we proceed, I wish to seek your consent to participate in this session.

Miss Trudy: Hello X. I am glad to be here. I consent to be part of this session and hope to get all the help I can.

Social worker: Very well. I wish to ask a few personal questions to assist in this process. Are there cultural aspects I should be aware of during our interaction to avoid potential cultural conflicts?

Miss Trudy: (Leaning forward) Not really

Social worker: Alright. I understand that you lost your job about one year ago and have not been able to secure another job. I know you were issued an eviction letter from your current apartment. I wish to know if you have family, friends, or relatives that live around?




Miss Trudy: (Looking down) I am an orphan. I lost my parents at 14 years, and I have been living independently (Sobbing). I have a few friends from my former company and relatives who live in my neighborhood.

Social worker: I am sorry to hear that, Miss Trudy. Be rest assured that our agency is here to help. Could you kindly fill in this form as we get to talk more and understand how we can assist you with your current situation?

Miss Trudy: (Sounding optimistic) Yes, sure.

Collaboration theory

Collaboration theory was applied during the session to help the client, and I come together and share information to help solve their current situation.


The main tools used during the session included communication, code of ethics such as consent, persuasion, coordination, and professionalism.


The skills applied during the session included communication, active listening, and cultural competence.

The client and I were involved in a one-on-one session and discussed her current Issue and approaches to address them. The client was receptive to my feedback to collaborate with her and find a lasting solution to her problem. Miss Trudy’s tone varied throughout the session. At first, her tone was empathetic; however, she eventually became optimistic after being reassured that the agency would work to solve her problem. An analysis of the session indicates that the client responded well to open and close-ended questions. She reacted well non-verbally by nodding her head in agreement or showing attentiveness. Miss Trudy was attentive throughout the session and sought clarity on things that seemed unclear. I was empathetic towards the client as she explained the loss of her parents at a young age and the current issues she was facing. I feel the session went well because we shared power and collaborated to solve her problem. However, I could do better next time by directing the conversation to avoid diverting from the primary topic of discussion. Therefore, next time, I will lead the pace and focus of the conversation to ensure we address the most significant areas of the client’s problem.


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