President Donald Trump and his Position on Feminism and Abortion Rights

Question 1

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During his campaign,  Donald Trump promised to advance women’s reproductive rights particularly that of abortion. As a female, President-elect Trump poses severe negative impacts on my reproductive rights. The reason being that during his campaign, Donald Trump promised to overturn the legal rights to terminate unwanted pregnancies (YouTube 1). Notably, this issue directly impacts me since, as a woman, I am legally allowed to abort willingly within proper health care settings, which means eliminating chances of developing medical complications resulting from restrictive practices or legislations and recording fewer deaths.

Question 2

Since 1973, the Roe vs. Wade case in the United States has legally upheld abortion rights.

Question 3

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Both political and social institutions contribute to the deterioration of the Roe vs. Wade case, with pro-life congress and judicial members passing undermining legislations that mandate women and abortion providers to abide by extremely strict rules.

Question 4

In 1976 and 1986, feminist groups went to court to eliminate the need for parental consent, offering abortion alternatives to women, discussing the risks involved, keeping records of aborted fetuses, and sparing a 3rd-trimester child, citing them as ways of infringing on the privacy rights of a woman. However, in 1992, Planned Parenthood V. Casey case overturned the two arguments by giving the government an opportunity to infringe on the rights of abortion on women by overturning the two arguments. In this aspect, the legislature argued that life begins at conception. Thus it is in the interest of the government to have an opinion before a minor abort, records kept, consent from the spouse, and a 24 hour waiting period before an abortion can transpire.

Question 5

My issue in this matter is whether abortion rights will survive in Donald Trump’s administration now that the Roe vs. Wade case is barely significant since that of Planned Parenthood V. Casey is the one that is more predominant in the US today.


Works Cited

“The third Presidential debate highlights: Trump, Clinton on abortion.” YouTube, Uploaded by

ABC News, 19 October 2016,

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