Preparing for Surgery

Speak Up: Preparing for Surgery

“Speak Up: Preparing for Surgery” is a brochure by The Joint Commission (n.d) giving the basic advice on preventing medical errors. The errors are common in surgical procedures, including performing the wrong surgery or operating on the wrong part of the body. In the brochure, The Joint Commission provides information on the best practice to prevent mistakes before or after surgery. The brochure is prepared for patients to understand expectations and their role in the process of surgery. It challenges them to become active participants, involved and informed in the healthcare team.

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Summary of Brochure

The brochure is written by the leading healthcare accrediting agency in the United States, to inform patients about their rights as active participants in the care process and their expectations in surgical procedures to prevent medical errors. It contains information to patients to enable them to intervene to avoid mistakes during their surgeries. The best practices for patients during surgery are included, especially the time of preparation and proper care after the surgical process. In preparing for the surgery, the brochure indicates specific things to do and the questions to ask the doctor. The Joint Commission also advises the patient to have someone accompany them when visiting a hospital. The brochure informs the patient about what to do at the surgical facility, such as signing the informed consent. It notifies the patient about what must happen during the surgery, including marking and verifying the actual spot where the operation will be performed. Finally, information is provided on the expectations after surgery, including best practice in pain management and the necessary drugs to use (The Joint Commission, n.d). The brochure encourages constant communication between the patient and the health care team for quality patient outcome.

Evaluation of Brochure

The brochure, which is well-laid out document with clear sections, contains essential information on the involvement of the patient in the surgical process, as part of patient-centered care, to avoid medical errors. It provides information to empower patients to understand their role, while advocating for safe and quality care. The model places the patient at the center of the care process. Consequently, it is necessary for the patient to be an informed participant in the health care team. Conventionally, healthcare providers made many important decisions on the behalf of the patient, making one a passive recipient of care.

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The brochure is an authoritative source of information that assists the patient in playing an active role during surgical procedures and can be incorporated in patient education. Notably, the Joint Commission conveys information to the patients from the preparation and after the surgery, which is beneficial to patients, their families, and healthcare providers. Evidence from research and information from the brochure provides significant insights on the role of the patient in the process to prevent adverse effects of medical procedures and ensure patient safety. It covers all the necessary content that informs the patient about personal safety during care processes.


The Joint Commission plays a vital role in providing information on patient safety. The organization has written critical information in the brochure to increase awareness and prevent surgical mistakes, which are common in medical procedures. The advice will make the patient to be more informed and able to identify any potential dangers during surgeries and communicate to avoid adverse outcomes.

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