Oreo Daily Twist Campaign Analysis


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Oreo daily twist campaign is an opportunity for the company to engage consumers in a positive marketing approach in areas of fulfillment and satisfaction. The campaign recognizes that for decades, media has portrayed food products as a path to health consciousness. However, Oreo as a product border on non-healthy eating since most people consider it as junk. Although the Oreo daily twist campaign transcends from basic advertisement, the analysis should show its connection with consumers. Oreo launched a viral campaign on their website and social media page. The campaign Oreo’s Daily Twist sought to help the organization celebrate its 100th birthday. Every day in the 100 days, the Kraft brand posted a new advert that featured the famous Oreo cookie. The effectiveness of the analysis is drawn from the historical and current trends to indicate the success of the campaign and how it transformed the popular treat into the everyday communication piece.

Target Audience, Brand Experience, and Positioning

Oreo launched Daily Twist Campaign to target mothers with children from the age of 6 to 15 years.  Oreo is a famous brand that has several loyal customers. As a result, the campaign also targeted young people between 20 to 40 years old because they comprised the growing Oreo cookie market. The target consumers are likely to introduce children and their friends to Oreo because they also love it. The campaign represented an opportunity for the Oreo brand to allow the target consumers to get involved in the 100 days advertisement.

The brand experience rested on the 100 days challenge. Oreo decided that there was a need to show consumers the relevance of the products. Although the brad was old, the Daily Twist Campaign emphasized that the brand can still be fun, entertaining, and current. Therefore, the brand sought to demonstrate how it can transform the daily life of the consumers with fun-filled moments. Although the brand has been in existence for years, Oreo seems younger than ever. The brand Daily Twist Campaign resonates with a relevant and playful advertisement that features every day for 100 days. As a result, the advert had made the cream stuffed product a social media hit. Since it launched in June 2020, it has had a polarizing image of cookies (Hayes para 3).  As the biggest and most famous cookies globally, Oreo created a creative and imaginative campaign whose ultimate mission is to help everyone around the world celebrate the ingenuity of a child in them.

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The positioning of the Oreo brand was increased awareness of the product. In the 100 days, the product’s awareness had improved as people bought it to celebrate with their friends or loved ones. The use of social media marketing presented a critical avenue for Oreo to gain publicity for the brand drive the brand positioning. The campaign led to an increase of $2 billion last year. For this reason, Oreo took advantage of its 30 million social media fans and developed an advertisement that would drive the conversation on the page daily. Through the timeline feature of Facebook, it was easy for everyone to log into their accounts and monitor the way Oreo ignited their brand consciousness. As a result, the campaign utilized all the communicated messaging in achieving sensory marketing.



Brand Differentiation

The Daily Twist campaign increased brand differentiation in the industry. The majority of consumers would identify with Oreo because of its unique campaign. Creating sharable coast that resonated with the audience made Oreo cookies more appealing to the audience than the existing competitors. Companies like Britannia and Nestle believed in the traditional means of competition. However, through its Daily Twist, Oreo associated with the superiors performing elements of the brand that promised benefits to the consumers (Sutherland 174). For this reason, Oreo created content that people wanted to engage in and share. The personalized content led to increased consumption of Oreo cookies. The brand realized that social media does not extensively provide the mechanism for posting brand updates but instead drives an engagement process. The Facebook page for the produced created meaningful conversations and developed customized content that was appealing and relevant. Although Oreo did not integrate regional language into the Daily Twist campaign, it increased engagement compared to its competitors’ online campaigns.

Brand Agency for its Integrated Marketing Communication Efforts

The Oreo Daily Twist campaign used social media marketing as its agency. The advert achieved the marketing goal where the 100th birthday for Oreo featured in almost all media such as radio, television, print and internet. Oreo chose high-reach media to strengthen its integrated marketing communication efforts. Therefore, the choice of media agency for Oreo reflected the ability to create awareness, establish brand engagement and influence the target market in consuming the Oreo cookies. The target for the Daily Twist was to increase the market niche. For this reason, the company understood that when it uses radio as an agency, its message will reach the entire target population.

Oreo blended innovative communication techniques with traditional approaches to advertisements. The company made sure that these advertisements utilized communications systems that were in sync. The campaign strategies combined public relations, advertisement, and increased online platforms for a shorter marketing cycle (Sutherland 175). Oreo Daily Twist Campaign created a sustained conversation for over 100 days. The conversations took place on social media platforms where participants in the content sharing challenge would engage with the brand and increase brand engagement. The shareable constant on Facebook timelines combined with an element of surprise. The company monitored trending topics and utilized current events. All these ensured that the sharable content was timely and relevant.

Notably, the campaign was based on an integrated marketing approach that combined online and offline marketing environments. The primary objective of the campaign to ensure that fans of the Oreo products take part in creating brand personality. The ability to put the product at the center of the campaign was entertaining and successful. A wide range of users influenced the engagement and made the campaign a success. As a result, the campaign allowed for the branding of the content without using high cost.

Brand Advertisement Expenditure vis a vis Its Competitors

Oreo’s Daily Twist campaign had a small budget. Although no data indicates its actual cost, the mention of a small budget corresponds to its advertisement choice. Social media is a relatively less costly form medium of campaign. Thus, Oreo used social media and internet advertisement to get its message across to the target market. For instance, Oreos competitors such as Britannia, Nestle, Dark Fantasy, among others, engaged in different campaigns that focused on print, online, and television broadcast. Thus, most of these media had an exclusive budget that slightly increased their advertisement than Oreo’s. It is imperative to note that most advertisers charge exorbitant amounts of money in traditional media. Therefore, Oreo reduced this cost significantly by spending less on their social media. Unlike other competitors who paid for their ads on social media, Oreo created a community with its fans.

Social Media Experience and Engagement

Oreo Daily Twist Campaign utilized social media engagement.  Through its 30 million Facebook fans and others spread around different social networking platforms, the campaign developed daily adverts in a way that created a conversation experience. Before the campaign, the Oreo pages could only post the products, and users could comment or like without product engagement. With several enthusiastic fans that sought to engage with the Oreo brand, the company realized the need to create content and have user-generated posts.

Oreo looked for a mechanism to remain engaging with its fans while at the same time driving conversation with their personalized content. The success of this approach was evident when the campaign brought its clever way of introducing the Oreo cookie into daily conversations and spreading it beyond the so distinct social media pages. As a result of taking advantage of the social media engagement, Oreo memorialized its brand centennial celebration in a campaign that spread product awareness through popular culture. Featuring the cookie as a subject matter helped the campaign convey the brand’s message in an authentic, fun and engaging way. Thus, Oreo Daily Twist allowed the brand to maintain its cultural significance in the cookie marketplace.

Integrated Marketing Communication

Oreo Daily Twist Campaign designed cookies through effective integrated marketing communication. It used a social media platform as a technique that would create global connections. Therefore, integrated marketing communication involved the fuse of mechanisms that allowed the brand to speak to its fans and get them involved in the daily twist campaign. As a result, several users connected to Oreo through the mechanisms that they could share content and engage with the brand (Hayes, para 9). The success of the integrated marketing communication was creating hype and talk ability across all media platforms. Most of the social media conversations created positive publicity across all the media audiences. Thus, the central message aligned to the target audience through their connection to the right people.

Oreo saw the growth in customer interactions of social media. Integrating public relations and social media engagement through sharable content created more awareness about the brand. Therefore, Oreo built something that transcended a campaign and could recapture the market and celebrate the wonder of youngness in everyone.


As is evident from the analysis, advertising products like Oreo require consolidated, integrated marketing communication that helps the company seek the target audience’s attention, fascinate buyers, and increase the impact of sensory marketing. Media and integrated marketing communication play a significant role in marketing. The internet and social media marketing helped persuade the target market to buy Oreo products daily for 100 days. The success of the Oreo Daily Twist Campaign resonates with the company’s ability to bring out the connection that Oreo as a brand has with the consumers. The campaign was a success as Kraft Food realized increased sales within 100 days. Interactive communication was instrumental in creating brands that allow customers to air their views, concerns, and expectations and respond to them accordingly.

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