My Future Position as the CEO of a Leading Multinational Organization

Managers desire to become leaders who can influence employees to achieve commendable business and organizational results. Leaders should be forward-looking and focus on a future that leads to a productive organization. I should focus on the future to improve the chances of becoming professionally competent and work towards the ideal position. The image of the future is a source of motivation to work hard. Although I have many leadership dreams, the most important is my future position as the CEO of a leading multinational organization.

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CEOs hold essential positions in all organizations because they determine their success or failure, depending on their leadership model. As a CEO, I will be surrounded by many subordinates and looking up to my leadership to achieve shared goals and objectives. I will be surrounded by people who require my guidance to develop a sense of purpose and connect their efforts to achieve results (Taylor, Cornelius, & Colvin, 2014, p. 567). I will work to create an environment that empowers employees to accomplish positive individual and organizational outcomes.

The working environment for a leader is vital to achieving positive results. In my CEO position, I will create a supportive environment for all employees to feel valuable, productive, and have a sense of ownership. I will create an opportunity for the company to meet the needs of employees to make them useful in their work (Taylor, Cornelius, & Colvin, 2014, p. 567). Leaders should support their employees to contribute positively to organizational goals.

Executive leaders are usually busy running organizations, especially in multinational setups. My typical day or week in the firm will involve organizing and planning tasks for employees and other managers to meet daily, weekly, and monthly goals. For example, I will plan the day’s activities in the morning and begin working on them immediately to save time. I will become a better planner and time manager to be effective in my envisioned leadership role.

The leadership model is significant for the success of a company. I will use a participative leadership model involving engaging employees in decision-making (Northouse, 2019). I will provide the opportunity for employees to offer their ideas and opinions when making critical decisions that affect the company. For example, if the company plans to venture into a new market or create a new product, I will call for a meeting and ask for the input of every employee in the affected department. I will incorporate the information into the final decision.

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The course material contains essential insights concerning leadership. I have gained vital information from my course that will help in my future leadership as the CEO of a multinational organization. For instance, I obtained information regarding my leadership style from the course text. The book has critical knowledge about participative and other leadership approaches that inform success in leading multinational and other organizations.

I have the vision to become a competent CEO in a multinational company. I will have a huge responsibility of leading hundreds of employees in the organization. I will be busy planning and implementing strategies to achieve business and organizational goals and objectives. I will use participative leadership to empower employees and motivate them to support the company’s vision. I will be a successful CEO and generate significant revenue for the corporation.



Northouse, P.G. (2019). Leadership theory and practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Taylor, C.M, Cornelius, C.J., & Colvin, K. (2014). Visionary leadership and its relationship to organizational effectiveness. Leadership & Organization Development Journal35(6), 566-583. doi:10.1108/LODJ-10-2012-0130


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